As for those that don't have FB, here's a copy of what's written there....

باسم يوسف يكتب:
- إن كنت تعتقد أن الشباب في عائلتك لم يتعرضوا لاختبار إيمانهم فهنيئا لك بأطنان الرمال التي تدفن فيها رأسك

- بالرغم من انتشار المظاهر الدينية، هل لاحظت فى السنين الأخيرة ازدياد من يصارحونك ببعدهم عن الدين بل وربما بعدم إيمانهم بمنظومة الأديان عامة؟

- هل سلحت أطفالك عقليا وايمانيا بحيث يستطيعون التعامل مع هذا الفكر؟ هل استرحت الآن وهؤلاء الضالين المضلين لم يعودوا موجودين أمامك؟

- الدعوة هي تقبل التحديات الفكرية والأيديولوجية والقدرة على النزال العقلي معها

- المعاملات التجارية والحياتية والاجتماعية سوف تتأثر بمجتمع منحل أخلاقيا يستخدم غطاء من الدين للتغطية على فساد أخلاقى مرعب

- المنع والحجب والترهيب لم ينجح في محو أي فكرة أو أيديولوجية، بل بالعكس ربما جعل من مؤيديها أبطالا وأسهمت فى زيادة انتشارها

- الإسلام فى أوج قوته لم يمنع ولم يضيق. تعايشت تحت ظلال الإمبراطورية الإسلامية ملل وثنية واتجاهات ملحدة، وعبدة النار وأفكار متطرفة. ولم يضر الاسلام منها شيئا

اقرأ مقال باسم يوسف تحت عنوان "فوائد الإلحاد" غدا في الشروق..


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Yeah I've just finished reading it. I think it is a brilliant article trying to pave the way for atheists in Egypt to go out of the closet and have serious discussions and also tries to remind those theists that fear mongering is a loser's tool. Some might think that this article is treating atheism as a "problem" but I disagree.

Although the comments on the article shows just how hopeless that feat is.

actually i find it really disappointing .. it doesn't address atheists at all's directed to the theist and trying to convince them that they have a problem and they should face it before it explode in their faces.

also i wonder why he mentioned sexual harassments, porn movies and the silly cinema movies as share3 el haram as an indication that atheism is increasing.

he is not doing anything but encouraging the stereotypical idea of atheism in Egypt who are always drunk vulgar and fucks anything that walks.

seeing this coming from him makes me lose hope in humanity.

At this point in time any article addressing atheists publicly in a positive way will result in serious ramifications to the author as evident by the comments on an article that is addressed to theists on the topic of living in a religious bubble with a title that just had "atheism" in it. So I wouldn't really be surprised that Bassem instead choose to dance around it.

As for the part about social degradation and it's link with lack of morality in people (he didn't indicate that it is atheism), he's trying to make the argument about how always trying to *enforce* that the society at large are "good" muslims/theists without allowing anyone to admit that the society has morality issues is creating fake sense of being a good society on the surface while having deep serious issues behind closed doors, and he gave a few examples such as KSA.

I can see how the article could be misread to give the interpretation you arrived at, but I'd say that's simply his touch to dress the article properly for the kind of mentalities he's addressing.


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