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There's a website that helps count atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, and other irreligious trends. It'd be great if you count yourself and help spread it around. 


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Sorry for kicking my two cents here but if I lived in Egypt I wouldn't want to let anyone but the most trusted people know that I'm an atheist. Especially the route that Egypt has taken lately I wouldn't have my data collected on some anonymous website on the internet.

This website doesn't collect identifying information Umbra, except for an email address, which is used solely to limit attempts to sabotage the integrity of the information submitted. Don't worry, we are pretty paranoid as it is around here. :~)

I'm well aware of the situation, thanks for informing the people more.

I'd like also to add that using TOR (even though a determined adversary could do things, but you should not be worried for all intended purposes) or I2P (www.i2p2.de). Or as you stated, utilize a friendly darknet to access the Internet.

Although that's kinda old school now, most ISPs/Govs utilize tagging, which is far more effective and harder to avoid or get rid of as ISPs could easily inject tagging advertisements in platforms like Facebook or Youtube that will get embedded in the browser local storage or even store it across browsers through 3rd party plugins/extensions through LSOs.

<31337 ;~)

just a question .. which one is better (Tor or I2P2) regarding security and being user friendly?

Hi Muhammad - I like the way you are thinking. Here is my one. The world is now small enough so lets all get signed up.

This might be worth a look to "hide" you internet presence and IP address

A census is a tidy, centralized source for someone wishing to locate atheists.  I'm a technological neophyte, so I can't really asses the security of most of what I do on the internet.  Super awesome, I know.  I'm not going to just trust their privacy policy though. 

Now that I'm feeling nice and paranoid, I wonder if any of you technology experts could tell me if this is possible/currently being done:  could an intelligence entity access and search the internet activity of a large number of users for targeted phrases or website visits with the goal of filtering out who is doing/thinking certain things on the internet?


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