Shiekh Saleh Fawzan answered a question asked by one Muslim on How to deal with a work colleague who doesn't pray. The Shiekh simply said that the one who doesn't pray is an infidel and must be killed.

according to this Fatwa u have to waste ur time and interrupt ur work to do something as useless as praying so that ur colleagues would be happy and pleased with u, otherwise they will kill u cold blooded.

what is really amusing is that the comments on the video are all defending the Fatwa saying that the shiekh said he must be killed but didn't tell the man who asked to go and kill him ... how cute and naive they are :))

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Well, the ones whose mouth isn't full, that is. Maybe THEY could learn to pray in deaf sign language(?).

tsk! tsk! hands are busy as well.

I had a teacher of mine hound me about prayers and when I still wouldn't pray he told me that if someone doesn't pray for three days he must be asked why he doesn't pray and if he says it's because he is lazy he will me given a warning period (three more days I think) then if he still doesn't pray he must be killed. And of course if from the start he says that he doesn't pray because he is not a Muslim anymore then he will have to be killed also.
Now I don't know if that is actually true or not and my teacher wasn't telling me that in a threatening way but still. What charming people those Muslims are xD

So that means that for their point of view, more than 5 billion persons should be killed.
Including all of us :(

Especially us!

I just read the comment section eh el de7k dah xD
To quote them "My teacher doesn't say he will kill me. He just says that I should be killed by my father or an authority. Big difference you ignorant people!"

today it's about prayers, tomorrow will be about fasting or hijab or anything else their fascist minds will come up with.

if u r not one of us u must die, join us or die.

they are forcing ppl into a world of hypocrisy and fake feelings .. it's a shame what we r heading to.

What really horrifies me is that normal people,not even extremists, would be appalled by something like this if it was in any other situation or from any other source but when it comes from their holy books they either think it is deserved or they try to justify it. They never once stop and think that maybe it's wrong.

I had a conversation with my family about slavery and after they initially rejected it because they thought that Islam abolished slavery and they were very much against it, they then switched their positions after finding out that Islam actually allows it so they defended Islam and said that it is God's wisdom and that slavery doesn't exist anymore so it doesn't matter (of course it still exists).
I was also told by my 13 year old brother that non-believers deserve to burn in hell for eternity even if they were good people.

Anyway what I am going with this is that and I quote "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. "

So even though a religious person might never defend something like this in any other situation he will still defend it and not feel bad for it if it came from his/her holy book and that's what scares me. Any atrocity is justified if my book says so. (Ironically if someone was to own a slave today they would say that he is a horrible person even though it doesn't contradict their holy book BUT they will still defend their holy book and give some bullshit reason about it being another time)

They defend it and try to find excuses even when they deep inside believe that its not right .. like the slavery or the right to choose a religion other than islam or female equality.

The thing is that they get their morals from religion and books written at least 1400 years ago .. They don't trust their common sense to decide what's right and what's wrong.

Yeah those are the apologetic moslems, same thing with apologetic christians. It's just that christians had a few hundred years head start that they already figured out that this BS needs to be reinterpreted and justified someway or another for people to keep believing it.

Intelligent design, same thing, science has destroyed pillars of religions. So start reinterpreting and come up with weird illogical links that are backed of course with zero evidence to allow religion to retain some power over the weak minded masses.

Otherwise... who's gonna pay for the whole religion enterprise?

Muslim apologists in the west seem to start behaving the same way and even Muslims here do. They try to twist the verses so that they wouldn't seem as barbaric and they end up believing it themselves.

Again what shocks me is the lengths people go to hold on to their beliefs instead of questioning it.

The problem really is extremely complicated and roots in culture. In Europe and the Americas for example, religion is largely optional. This was not always so. The church, especially the roman catholic church, was very authoritarian - perhaps similar to muslim fundamentalism today - which led to atrocities such as the over 500 years (!) of inquisition, where any person (usually women) accused of witchcraft would be tortured and killed in most unspeakable ways.

Parallels exist in the muslim world today, where "sharia" law is implemented with similar effects: those regions where this happens find themselves in the equivalent of the Dark Ages of Europe which lasted from about 500 to 1500 AD.

Of course, our friend Marvel doesn't want to wait 500 or 1000 years for this to stop - neither do millions of innocent citicens who suffer daily from this crap. I wish I could say to you, there is an imminent solution, but there is none. You have to continue to fight back, improve human rights, and denounce the idiots as they crop up, as you did with S Fawzan. There's not a lot more I can do from my desktop than morally support your struggle. You've had your share of missionaries who did more damage than good, now its up to you people to sort things out.

Do u believe that history repeats itself and Islam has to pass by all the phases that Christianity has passed by to reach what it is nowadays in Europe and America.

If thats so i hope that it ends faster and don't last 500 years .. i can get over a couple of years in this but not my life time :D


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