Shiekh Saleh Fawzan answered a question asked by one Muslim on How to deal with a work colleague who doesn't pray. The Shiekh simply said that the one who doesn't pray is an infidel and must be killed.

according to this Fatwa u have to waste ur time and interrupt ur work to do something as useless as praying so that ur colleagues would be happy and pleased with u, otherwise they will kill u cold blooded.

what is really amusing is that the comments on the video are all defending the Fatwa saying that the shiekh said he must be killed but didn't tell the man who asked to go and kill him ... how cute and naive they are :))

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and that's the Question, .. not why he must be killed but rather who is supposed to kill him?? .. because fuck logic.

do u know i was think that it is a jok

but now i`m sure that`s we will steal in this fucken retardation

thatks god i dont believe in u


and what i love is how they preach for this peaceful religion. Religion of Peace they said ... HAHAHA

Face Palm -.-

That's an example of an absolute fundamentalism that is controlling the islamic society! :(

i don't know how u keep ur mind in one piece while living with them ... we here in Egypt are on the track to become like saudia and i hate my life just imagining that :(

No worries.. It won't be.. Egyptians are much wiser than Saudis!

Wouldn't this be a Human Resources job? 

You'd have your Benefits Coordinator, your Hiring Supervisor, and your Piety Manager.  First warning would be 10 lashes, second warning would be losing a finger (unless you were in Clerical and needed to type, then you would lose 2 toes and an ear), and third warning wouldn't really be a warning but instead be surprise beheading in the cafeteria during lunch break, following midday prayers.

Can you imagine being at an AIPM (Association of Islamic Piety Managers) convention?

Ironically he blamed the HR for hiring him in the first place .. apparently ur C.V must include a "prays regularly" to convince them that u r eligible for the job.

Can you imagine the  Piety Managers being on performance related pay ???

What about hookers? Should they be saying "Allahu Akbar!" instead of "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! You're so good, baby!"

don't let me start on the hookers ... hahaha


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