A note on Facebook was posted one hour ago by Ossama Dorra in which he says that he is now agnostic and that he doesn't derive his morals from Islam anymore .. its going viral as we speak.

in short he says that the rise of the Islamists to power and hearing their philosophy in life made him denounce Islam as his religion.

He says that he was surprised to know that those who insult the prophet must die and he realized because of the riot following the movie "innocence of Islam"

He says that he was shocked to know that Islam allows the marriage of premature girls aka legalizes pedophilia.

He says that he never knew that Islam allowed slavery and didn't forbid it .. he didn't know that there are Islamic nations like Mauritania where slavery is still legal till now because Islam never ended it as he thought.

He was surprised by many things that made him realize that he was following a religion that isn't morally on the right path.

I'd like to say that the shock is really mine because Ossama was a devoted Muslim and even was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (now an ex for sure) and didn't even read a decent biography of Muhammad or even a read the Sharia laws and how they were derived.

I'm really shocked that he never knew that Muhammad married a 9 years old child .. never knew that Muhammad told muslims to kill those who insult him .. and finally didn't know that Muhammad died while having slaves serving him

I'm really shocked by the amount of deception and delusion he was in.

The good thing is that he came up with his full name and ID and also he tagged many of the Islamists and clerics like Heba Raouf and Al-Habib Aly El-Javry .. i wonder what will they say about tha .. i also wonder if there will be any actions taken against him for Blasphemy !?

There are some funny comments as well :))

here is a link to his note .. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10151108379226200#10151108444916200

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Honestly i never knew this guy before and the profile can be fake too.. but if true well then good one more found his way to reason

have u noticed the comments .. no one is addressing the points he raised .. almost 500 comments with nothing to say

i'm really liking this guy .. he's not fake btw :)

they never address the points, true believers indeed :)

I don't know who you guys are talking about, but let me tell you a story. Back in the 1970's a large group of Americans protested Nixon's war policies in Viet Nam, so Nixon sent young FBI agents in to infiltrate those groups and see if there was anything any of them could be arrested for. Eventually, they couldn't be sure to trust anyone, which helped to weaken their unity.

You've GOT to trust someone, but be careful. My thoughts are that your new President is trying to decide how far he can go without arousing negative public opinion around the world.

That's why im not pro going publicly yet .. the society ain't ready yet.

Ossama Dorra was supposed to appear on CBC Egyptian TV channel to debate with a shiekh and discuss his decision to leave Islam .. but that changed in the last minutes now the shiekh appears solely on TV and show is about " the disease of atheism and how to fight it" .. The disease they said.

and of course he won't reply to any of the points Ossama raised.

The Islamic Brotherhood is trying to turn Egypt into an Islamic theocracy, and if the attempt tp abrogate the Egyptian treaty with Israel wasn't proof enough, I don't know what it would take. You guys are there, I'm not - what can be done?

Islamists are trying to solidify the Middle East into a solid Islamic block.

well .. the good thing is now Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Dennet are known to the common people and their names circulates a lot in the media when they discuss atheism.

The bad thing is that it appears like a foreign intruder, an idea from an outsider, not as an original idea originating from the arabic/islamic environment where it developed and evolved.

What to be done at the moment is to watch carefully everything that happens acting like watch dogs who bark at anything that looks suspicious and point at every change towards a theocratic state.

people are questioning everything now ... the change is coming.

Let's just hope it's not in the direction to tighter religious restrictions.

Ossama wrote a second post here .. he is now bashing those so called moderate muslims for being soft on the fundamentalists :))

The comments are much more mature this time .. so far so good

To bad there's no translation software.



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