I have a very close and dear relative in my family that is an extreme Salifist, and not the mildly smart kind either.

It has been very difficult to hold any conversation with him without involving El-Mahdy returning soon, the world is going to end soon, or that all this technology and science is the work of the devil or the anti-christ.

I always try to keep the conversation light and empty from anything post the industrial age, as the least of it will make him say things that truly get on my nerves. But you can imagine how difficult that can be in an age where we are primarily dependent on the fruits of science.

It's not only that but I always hear that tone in his voice as if I'm a lesser being or someone that lost his path. And I'm just unable to tolerate that ignorant condescending tone of his anymore.

We knew each other since kindergarten, so you can imagine how close we are, and it is absolutely heartbreaking for me to see him turn out to be that guy.

I fear that there's not much I can do to endure this relationship but I hope you guys have some ideas on how to deal with that type of an ideology.

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Sadly, intelligence can both lead one to the truth or it can allow one to effectively defend a wrong opinion. Ever heard of Bobby Fischer?

I can agree with that, although I think being wise is different from being intelligent.

Bobby the anti-semitic chess master?


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