A Google search for "free ebooks" will result in an overwhelming number of results.  Several webpages have lists of thousands of sites offering free ebooks (Here is one with a smaller, but decent list).  It is too overwhelming.  I think it would be more useful to make a list of ebook sites we use regularly.  Please feel free to contribute your favourite sites or access to your personal collections.

To convert file formats, use Mobipocket Creator or Calibre.  They should work for most common formats.  Sometimes I've had to convert something in a stupid format, then I just Google for "(source format) to (desired format) converter", replacing the bracketed parts with the actual formats, ie LIT to PRC.

Manybooks - Free ebooks, mostly classics, fiction and non-fiction.  Have a look at their Collections page, there are some interesting things there.  A lot of their books come from Project Gutenberg.

LibriVox and Well Told Tales for free audiobooks.

Mobipocket, Wowio, Smashwords, The University of Chicago Press, Munseys, Feedbooks, Baen and Internet Archive are a couple more worth bookmarking.  For Kindle users, Amazon and Audible, of course.

Inkmesh will keep you up to date on free ebooks for your specific reader.

Instapaper will convert any webpage into ereader format so you can read content later.  I often save a blog entry and all comments as a Kindle file and then listen to it in the car.

AvaxHome.  I often have to use textbooks that weigh as much as a small child, but can usually find an electronic version here.  Depending on where you live, downloading from here may not be entirely legal.

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where do i get a software for converting .pdf to .epub?

Anither good source of educational books for college and business is www.bookboon.com. All in .pdf format. Just give your email address. They will not spam you but only occasionally offer you new ones.Never any cost. All written by experts in the various topics covered.

Thanks for the other links.

Calibre is great software - I feel bad that it's taking me so long to send that guy some money.  I have a Sony eReader and it has greatly increased my volume of reading - I never get on the bus without it.

I use Project Gutenberg a lot - although my challenge is that I often seek both French and English copies of the same title to help improve my French.

The Sony eReader is great for multi-language support and came with several built in language to language dictionaries.  I can click on a French word and it will pop up with the French/English dictionary entry.

I also created a PDF calendar/daily notes document that I can use to mark down appointments and work schedule.  :D

Depending on where you live, downloading from here may not be entirely legal.

I love this line.  I love the way you use our language.  Not entirely legal.  Fantastic!

On the Kindle front, I learned recently you can lend books you've downloaded on your Kindle to friends, even if they don't have a Kindle themselves.  Here's the explanation on how this works

I am so happy with my Kindle, it goes everywhere with me.


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