Has anyone joined/attended one of the Denver area groups for Atheists and/or Humanists? Is there any interest in getting together to check out one of the group meetings/functions?

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I've "joined" a secular humanist Meet Up group for parents, but haven't had the cajones to try actually showing up to something. What events pique your interest?
I've been in this group for quite a while now and still haven't attended. Sooner or later, I feel like I should actually show up to an event.

I was supposed to join a friend at a humanist thing this Sunday but it got cancelled do to the need to have a sitdown with her crazy mormon inlaws instead.

I feel like I should be more active and try to help the movement but...
For me it's as much about finding a community as it is about atheist activism. I highly value the community I got out of church growing up. I want my son to have the same sort of environment, without the dogma baggage.

Tell ya what, post an even here that you want to go to, and if my husband and I can join, we'll respond :) (He's Pitabred)
It's a deal. I've been watching for something but everything seems to be book readings lately which I have no interest in.
I'm a member of the meetup group but haven't ever gone to one of them. I'd like to check one out. I'll see if I can convince my wife to go to the breakfast. I'm not really interested in the book thing though.


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