If you wanted to go to TAM but couldn't make it (or would like to go to more free-thought conventions), there is also a convention held in Texas. This year it will be in San Antonio (it was in Austin last year...might be in Dallas next year).

I gave my flier away, but I think the cost was $25 for adults and children under 13 yrs are free. You don't have to be a Texan to come. They are also going to be trying to block off some hotels room to help on that cost. (Free drinks were also mentioned)


Paul, the director of Texas Freethought Convention is a great guy. I was able to talk to him for quite some time on Sunday after the North Texas Church of Freethought service. If you click on the "purpose" link at the top of the convention's website you can see pictures of the groups he has been visiting. (I'm in a green shirt in the picture that is talking about Zachary...I was blinking, lol)

Paul will also be visiting a couple other Freethought Dallas groups this week, including Freethinkers' of Dallas's wednesday meetup. Be sure to come join us for a beer or visit the other meetup he is attending wednesday. Here are the links:

Free Thinkers of Dallas (I organize FToD and will be there)

Metroplex Atheists (They are the ones who did most of the leg work to get the DFWCOR formed and put up the billboards in Fort Worth and Dallas!):

(also posted in the Bible Belt atheists group...if having two posts of the same content in two different groups is bad please let me know and delete this one)

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