Great time of the year to get into shape again.  I have been training for a 10 day tour in Utah.  Our first major training ride was last week.  It was a century with 6000+ feet of climb.  We did several smaller rides during the week and today we did an 80 mile with two major climbs.  Here is a link to a map and the stats.


Please share with us your training secrets and where you like to ride.



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I am not training for anything, that is, I don't have a race or tour or anything of that sort for which I am getting ready. My riding of late is rather more mundane. My partner and I share a car, so we drive to my workplace in the morning from where she takes the car for the day and I am left with my bike. I then commute all the way home, about 40K, from Aberfoyle, ON to Hamilton, ON.

In the last 7 days I got just over 2 metric centuries in (232.28Kms). I have been trying to map out the route I am taking home this year, but I seem to be having some software difficulties -- it won't save my trip. I've been using Trimble Outdoors for my mapping.

Though my ride at the end of a long and stressful cubicled workday is by no means ideal, I still quite enjoy it.
Over a 120 miles in a week is a good work out. Useing the bicycle for commuting to and from work is a great way to stay in shape and better for the planet as well. I ride to work when I can. Often my job requires large heavy equitment and so I am stuck driving. I love the days when I can get by with just a set of panniers or my bob trailer to haul my gear to work. My favorite type of vactions are ones where I can ride my recumbent bicycle. It's the best way I have found to really enjoy the scenery.
Love the look of that descent - best wishes for your tour. I rode 43 miles on Saturday with 3200 feet of climb and 30 yesterday with 2900 feet. both rides in the east bay area (SF, CA). longest ride so far this spring was 79 miles with 5900 feet of climbing.

Not sure if this will work but here goes -
Worked just fine. Looked like a nice ride. I just ordered a Garmin it should be here in a few days then I will be able to post more data on our tours.
Which Garmin did you order? I've been looking at the Edge series and, while the 705 is very enticing, the price is way beyond my current affordability range. The 205 and 305 seem to have pretty decent functionality though.
I got the 305 forerunner. Works very well.


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