Tell us what kind or make of bicycle your are currently riding.

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I guess I will go first. You probably already know I have several bicycles if you follow this group. I will spare you the details of all of them and just tell you about my Challenge Fujin SL II. It is manufactured in Holland, Like all my bikes it is a recumbent. A recumbent lowracer. The SL stands for super lite. It is a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber construction. With its low profile it is very aero dynamic and very fast. Best of all it is very comfortable. I like to use this bike for doing centuries. If you have any questions about this or any of my bikes I would be glad to answer them for you.

I have two road bikes, a Specialized Sequoia Elite and an Orbea Opal - For most of my rides I'm on my Orbea Opal - Carbon frame, Shimano Ultegra components. Rode 60 miles with the club today up to the top of Mt. Tamalpais - 60+ miles with 5800 feet of climbing. from sea level to Max Elev 2460 ft.
Sounds like you are quite a seriously strong rider. 5800 feet is a good days climb. I have a couple of friend who have Orbea road bikes. They are really beautifully made carbon bikes. Which bike do you like the best? Your Orbea or your Specialized.

Mountain Bike: Specialized FSR

Road Bike: Masi

I like all kinds of riding.

Hello Everyone. I have been a BMX racer for over 15 years and the knees are not keeping up with it so I bought a road bike last year and started working toward a century ride. I bought a Cannondale Six 6. It's Been great and it was a "Last years Model" So i got it brand new off the floor for only $800. I love riding but the weather has limited me so far and i can't wait to start this season. I'll post some pics of it soon, any tips and advice would be great! Thanks.
Welcome to the group.  If you have any questions be sure and ask.  If I cannot answer them I am sure there are several others who can.  Dennis


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