Bill O'Reilly Compares Gay People to Al-Qaeda - See Video

Published Friday, June 4, 2010
Irish Central

Talk show host and Bill O'Reilly drew condemnation this week when he compared gay people to Al Qaeda terrorists on his FoxNews show.

Discussing the French television ad for McDonald's that features a young gay man, the goal of this latest spot is to welcome diversity to the fast-food chain.

But O'Reilly though that welcoming gay people was an outrage: 'Do they have an al-Qaeda ad? You know, 'come as they are,' he said, as he mimics a bomb exploding.

But it turns out the exploding bomb may be the public relations fall out that Fox News will now have to contend with. Already a petition drive has been organized by to protest the motor mouth's incendiary words.

So was this the moment when Bill O'Reilly finally jumped the shark and joined the likes of Senator John McCain in angry old grandpa territory?

It's well known that even McCain's wife and daughter disagree with their father's discriminatory take on gay rights now - and it looks like O'Reilly's own friends and neighbors will have to take on the arduous task of explaining to him the difference between gay people and terrorists.

Trying to get ratings by bashing gays got old a long time ago Bill. It's a sure sign you're getting old yourself.

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Bill O'Reilly is a despicable person and not the least bit thoughtful.

Hack or photochop?
I misread the title as 'Gay people compare Bill O'Reilly to Al-Qaeda' - a more obvious fit. I wonder if right-wing nutcases realize how closely their hatreds mirror those of theocratic fascists... though I suppose given that nutcases never do any research on any topic, probably not.
Their research consists solely of checking to see how they feel about a subject.


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