I began attending university a while back, and I was utterly shocked by the amount of idiocy that is found there. The policies that I shall now mention are all influenced by religious matters:

1. Girls with very short pixie cuts (resembling boys) will be considered absent unless their hair is covered. This is because a woman who looks like a boy is considered religiously inappropriate. Girls should look like girls and boys should look like boys. 

2.At every exit in the university, they have security guards. You are only allowed to leave the university if your schedule of classes is over. It's like a prison! You enter, and you cannot leave unless the authorities allow you to! And this is all in the name of making sure you go back home, and not somewhere else (imagine a woman leaving for lunch without her father's knowledge? oh no :O!). Can you imagine being an 18-year-old who needs parental permission/signed appointment to slip out of university early?

3. If a man enters, regardless of your religious beliefs, you must wrap a scarf around your head. Now, my university is rather different in the aspect that it allows non-teaching-faculty men to enter whilst female students are in attendance... But I cannot count the times that I have had, "COVER YOUR HEAD IMMEDIATELY, OR CLEAR THE AREA!" yelled at me! It drives me insane! 

4. Religious classes are mandatory. Enough said.

5. If a male or female student are caught together, they are both to be expelled. (During the 3rd year of the medical program, the groups are mixed).

I want to point out that not all universities are like this, I'm sure... but I thought it would be interesting for people outside the Kingdom to read about.

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