Names of the Goddess in the MIDDLE EAST

Achamoth - Mother Goddess Who gave birth to the creator of the material universe, according to early Gnostic Christians.

Aka - Ancient Turkish Mother Goddess.

Al-Lat - Arabian Moon Goddess, Universal Source of Nourishment. Mother Earth and Her Fruits. Arabic Supreme Goddess. A triple Goddess with Al-Uzza and Menat. Oaths are sealed with the vow "By the salt, By the fire, and by Al-Lat who is the greatest of all."

Al-Mah - Persian Moon Goddess. Nubile Woman.

Al-Uzza - Powerful One. Arabic Goddess. Founder of MohammedÕs tribe, the Koreshites, hereditary tenders of Her Sacred Stone in Mecca.The Mighty. Mohammed worshipped this Desert Goddess of the Morning Star. Acacias are Her sacred tree.

Anath - Strength of Life. Worshipped by Canaanites, Amorites, Syrians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Phoenicians. Queen of Heaven and Mistress of all the gods.

Anatu - Great Mesopotamian Goddess, Ruler of the Earth and Queen of the Sky.

Aramaiti - Iranian Earth Goddess, Whose language was the original language of the Christian Gospels. Mother of the People made of Clay.

Arianna - Great Goddess of Persia (Iran).

Aruru - Sumero-Babylonian Great Goddess Who was the original Potter Who created human beings out of clay.

Asherah - Semitic name of the Great Goddess. Sacred Grove, Divine Harlot, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods, Lady Who Traverses the Sea. Sacred Cow. Symbol - stylized multi branched tree. She Who gives birth to the gods, Goddess of the Tree of Life, Goddess of the Grove. She Who gives birth, Wet-nurse of the gods. Ugaritic Mother Goddess. She was the Force of Life, experienced as benevolent and enduring, found in flocks of cattle and groves of trees, evoked in childbirth and planting time. Sometimes appeared as a naked, curly-haired Goddess riding a sacred lion and holding lilies and serpents in up-raised hands.

Ashnan - Sumerian Goddess of Grain.

Atthar - Ancient Arabic Sun Goddess. Torch of the Gods.

Belit-Ilani - Babylonian Mistress of the gods. Evening Star of Desire. Portrayed as a woman Who bears a suckling baby on Her left arm and Who blesses the child with Her right hand.

Chaabou - Semitic Earth Mother.

Deborah - Queen Bee Goddess of early Mycenae and Anatolia. Identified with the Tree of Life.

Derceto - Babylonian Sea Goddess. The Whale of Der.Dike - Goddess of Justice. Aspect of the Triple Goddess with Ananke and Heimarmene. Pre-hellenic Syrian Fish Mother Goddess.

Erua - Babylonian Queen of Heaven. She controlled birth among all creatures in Her land.

Fatima - Arabian Moon Goddess, Creatress, Source of the Sun, Tree of Paradise. She existed from the beginning of the material world.

Gula - Babylonian Great Goddess. Lady of Birth and Mother of Dogs. Fate Goddess. The Great Doctoress Who could cure or cause sickness.

Inanna - Sumerian Queen of the Land. Source of the Earth's life blood. She filled the wells, rivers and springs with Her blood. 2,000 B.C.E. Juniper is Her tree. Queen of Heaven, Sumerian (Iraq) Queen Moon, Great Goddess of the Bronze Age. Often depicted standing with two winged lions. Ruler of all stars and planets, and rain clouds.

Ishtar - Babylonian Great Goddess, Star, Light of the World. Righteous judge, Lawgiver, Bestower of Strength, Lady of Victory, Forgiver of Sins. Mother of Harlots, Compassionate Prostitute. Framer of all decrees. Often depicted in breast-offering pose. Mother of the fruitful breast. Juniper sacred to Her.



Kadi - Babylonian Goddess of Der, a Serpent with a Woman's head and breasts.

Lilith - totem the owl. Divine Lady. In Jewish mythology, She was Adam's first wife (before Eve) Sumero-Babylonian Goddess. Her flower is the lily.

Manat - Arabic Moon Goddess. Ruler of Fate, Luck and Fortune. She was venerated in a Sacred Stone at Kodaid in pre-Islamic times and was one of the Trinity of Fates worshipped at Mecca. Moon Mother of Mecca. aka Al-Lat, Al-Uzza. Lapis Niger (Black stone) sacred to Her.

Mari - Mother Sea, Great Fish Who gave birth to the gods, Fruitful Mother. Middle Eastern Sun Goddess.

Shayba - Arabic-Aramaean title of the Great Goddess. Shayba was Old Woman whose spirit dwelt in the Sacred Stone of the Kaaba in Mecca.

Shebat - Mesopotamian Moon Goddess.

Shekina - Jewish Cabalistic version of Shakti. The Soul of God. God required his Shekina for Wisdom and Creativity. 

Tiamat - Serpent Goddess of the Watery Abyss. Sumerian Creatress. Sumero-Babylonian Goddess Mother, from Whose formless body the Universe was born at creation. Personification of The Deep. Mother Sea.

Tirgata - Fish Goddess of Syria.


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