I'll make this thread for everyone to showcase what you've been whipping up this summer. If you're like me and live in the south, you have been taking shelter indoors. And what better to pass the 90+ degree days getting started on fall and winter projects?

I actually just started crocheting seriously this month. I tinkered around with hook and yarn in the past but never really made it past the chain. I've been in a mad dash to collect and queue up as many patterns as I can think of to fill up my summer. 99% of it will probably be baby items.

Here's an album of what I've started so far.


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Thanks guys :)

It's such a bright green but I don't think the camera phone did it justice. I'm just not a huge fan of the cliche that says babies have to be in either pink or blue pastels.

They don't care what color they're in! Hehe :D Let's make it interesting!

I want to get some black yarn and make some baby punk/goth stuff soon, Like a little black hat with this green as a stripe. :D
We had a discussion during a knitting group one time about babies and what colours they should be in. Someone said that babies should be in lighter, such as pastels, colours and they don't think babies look cute in bright and dark colours. I think dark or bright colours would be awesome for a baby.
Yeah, I agree. i think all in all it's a matter of your preference as a parent, because you're the one that has to look at your baby all day long! haha. :P


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