Singularities aren't the only theoretical objects with zero volumes.  Non-orientable geometrical shapes also have zero volume(due the sheer fact that at least one dimension is infinite).  A mobius strip is a non-orientable 2D object in 3D space.  A klein bottle is a non-orientable 3D object in 4D space(with a 2D surface).  That gave me a thought that seems rather shocking.  I'm no mathematician.  But what if the universe was one gigantic klein bottle?  What if the universe was feeding itself?  To get an idea of what I'm talking about, here is a klein bottle.


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That's a good thought. I have a new idea for the origin of the universe, too. But mine focuses more on "Why the Universe has always existed" notion. I am not yet building my thesis as I am yet to formulate calculations, form diagrams, then build the thesis and then I have to submit this new academic theory on Theoretical Astrophysics to a professor or experts on this field (or a an academic body on Astrophysics).

This is very close to my idea, so I'll keep 3D, 4D, and Klein Bottles in thought.


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