Who doesn't have a special coffee cup that for whatever reason, they alone must use? 
These special cups often have some story behind them to signify their importance in our daily morning ritual of pouring our first cup of coffee of the day. 
So what's the story behind your favorite mug? 

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So "WHY" this mug? Where did you get it? What does it look like? How old is it? What makes it so special?....
I cannot abide by any coffee from a diner or any take out place. It tastes foul to me. I either bring my own coffee with me, or get an iced tea. If I buy coffee out, it has to be from Starbucks or some other really good coffee house. Yes, I am a coffee snob, can't help it....
hahaha Larry... Sorry to disappoint you, but my mug has Just a little fellow standing in the bottom of the mug and is not obscene in the least. But the coffee that I pour into that silly mug is top notched and richly brewed.
I never reheat my coffee in the summer. When the pot cools down, I either drink it that way or add ice cubes. I ALWAYS turn off my coffee maker as soon as the coffee is brewed. Why waste the energy to keep the warmer on? (and it does make it bitter if you keep the pot continually hot) Better to use a thermos (but that too will make the coffee bitter, but less so). If want my coffee reheated , I just pop it in the microwave for a quick minute, never boil coffee.
Jean Marie, it's only coffee that I'm so finicky about. I love fine cuisine, but a grilled cheese can make an OK dinner for me. I do try to eat well, mostly but not exclusively organic. Eat only eggs that are organic and humane caged free. I don't eat eggs often, but I pay the extra amount because of the extreme cruelty to chickens in factory farms. Since I also don't eat meat, I allow myself to indulge in imported cheeses. The European dairy industry is not nearly as cruel to the milking cows as ours, they won't even import our cheeses because of our animal cruelty, and use of hormones and other chemicals to boost milk production...
Wouldn't that be fun if we all could actually meet at my place or a nice coffee house one day! Everyone lives all over the place, so it looks as though we will have to hang out here instead. : (

I don't own this mug, but my daughter sure would want to....

You know how some people have a collection of magnets that cover their fridge? Well, I have a collection of mismatched coffee mugs that overcrowd my cabinet. A couple are over 30 years old that I bought while in college, some are 20 years old, and a couple more I bought just this year. I have to admit that my 'favorite' changes from time to time, and truthfully, I have more than one special cup. My most beloved are the ones that are hand-made ceramic mugs that I bought from the artist's themselves, and I tend to reach for those mugs most often. I found a great ceramic mug in my local thrift shop a few months ago. It's beige stoneware speckled with white, and inside the cup is a tiny ceramic man looking up. He doesn't appear until you drink half the cup, and then his little heard shows up. "A conversation piece' that I happen not to use too often because it is hard to clean. I save it to give it to friends who stop by for coffee, cake and chit-chat. I would post a picture of this mug, but it's packed already, with most of my kitchen stuff... oh well.
Nowadays, potters in the US are sure to use food safe glazes on whatever pottery them make for food or liquid consumption. The glazes have gotten better looking as well. But we still have to worry about the imports from China which is so poorly regulated. Imported dinnerware and mugs from Italy used to be a problem because some of their glazes were toxic, but I don't know whether that has been rectified in the past few years? If we all got tested we would find that we have far too many toxic chemicals in our body... scary!
But Styrofoam does NOT DECOMPOSE for a thousand years! I avoid it at all costs.
Not all places recycle Styrofoam Larry, my hometown does not. Plus, if you buy a cup of coffee on the go, chances are you just put it in any ol' trash container.

Even though they do recycle plastic bottles and cups in my town, they do not have separate recycle bins on the street. And no, the sanitation workers do not go through the garbage to collect recyclable items, but many poor people do pick out the plastic bottles where they can get back the .05 cent deposit at supermarkets (but the Styrofoam stays put).

Best thing to do, is to bring your own coffee in a reusable coffee cup and even use it when you are out and want to buy coffee (Starbucks will take off .10 cents if you do), and never use Styrofoam to begin with.
That was some funny prank, and no one broke down and told him where to look! Big smile. Glad he had a sense of humor, he could have been very insulted. hahaha
Michel, is that video for real? Who, WHO would go through that much trouble for a cup of coffee? Mold, dust and all? I'd have to stop drinking coffee if I had to go through that kind of procedure. Pretty funny though....


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