Ever have days when you have a certain song that invades your brain that just won't quit? Sometimes it might be the latest download you made from itunes, or some stupid song that gets embedded without your consent!

Share you current musical obsession... What are you listening to these days?

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Sadly, I never did rock the no-shoulder tops in the 80's. Major oversight on my part! Yeah, all the 80's fashions were great in that clip...just WAY overshadowed by the astonishing hot-pants-run-throughs by the barkeep!!

Hey, what's THE EIGHT?!? I'll have to investigate!
Oh my gentle Jebus! I can't BELIEVE I forgot about THE EIGHT!!!!! Thanks for reminding me. I SHAN'T ever forget again!!
Awesome effort! I guess I've been slack about this bit of activism. I'm thinking about introducing the phrase at work, too.

coworker: Man, what a busy night!

my reply: Yeah, we SHAN'T ever stop tonight!
Thanks Marie, that perked me up this morning! Wonderfully potent lyrics, I can see why you would want to express it in a painting. Good lesson, I want to pass it along to Allegra.
I love this band. Recently came to my attention and now one of my all time favorites. Can't get either of their albums out of my head.

If I get a song stuck in my head it's usually a kids song the latest one is by They Might be Giants it's called Never go to Work.

Oh no no I never go to work oh no no I never go to work
On Monday I never got to work
On Tuesday I stay at home
On Wednesdays I never feel inclined work is the last thing on my mind....

Nothing to say... Pure elegance.

I love all things Medieval, even much of the music sacred and not....
I just got their best of album on vinyl and now have a bunch of their songs stuck in my head again.

Cab Calloway St. James Infirmary by Fleischer

A friend posted this video, and I wanted to just share it... Thank goodness I Do Not have this tune stuck in my head, but enjoyed the dark lyrics and the cartoon.
My mother loved opera, particularly Puccini's Madame Butterfly. I remember this opera being played by her when I was a child and have loved these arias ever since.


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