Brethren (and sistren), I have seen the temptation of the taco take root in many of late, thus I shall remind all of the teachings of earl in regards to this matter:

And lo, there were those followers of the Earl who rejected his teachings, and were tempted by the taco. These lost souls are known as The Fallen, and the Earl hath turned his sandwichy grace from them.

And lo he did say unto his faithful, “Followers of the Earl, I beg thee to see the truth of the taco. Its yellowish color is a disgusting mockery of our sacred toast. We see this truth as a heretic doth bite into a taco and its shell, that brittle mockery of our sacred bread, crumbles away and the innards spill out upon said heretic, staining his soul, and also his shirt.” For this was the curse, set down so long ago by the earl: Those who partake in the blasphemous taco shall be rewarded with such messiness as to remind them of the true Path, in hopes that they shall turn back and be welcomed back into his sandwichy grace.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of taco, I will fear no evil: for Earl art with me; his sandwiches they comfort me.


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Thanks to Suzzle for suggesting that I add a "valley of death" variation. :)
we pray to you Earl to bring deliciousness to this tainted land


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