Jesus fucking Christ, dude! You just touched the soul I don't have. I
may not have much, but I now have a title. Here's a repost of my story:

About a month and a half ago, one of my close friends killed himself, at
my place, while I slept. When I woke, his hand was on my arm, as if
trying to wake me... About two weeks ago, another friend of mine killed
himself over girl problems. I was in the military, where I've been shot
at, blown up (my chest/stomach and various other parts of my body are
permanently covered in scars), struck by lightening (now considered
permanently disabled), and just before I separated, was put into a
30-day in-patient program for alcohol abuse. When I was 16, I was
expelled from high school, and my parents kicked me out of their house,
so I've been on my own since. My family disowned me due to this, up
until recently, I hadn't even talked to my brothers because the family
didn't want them 'associating with trash like me.' I don't have a
license, due to a DUI (the reason I was in rehab). I don't have any
money, because no place within biking distance from me is hiring, and
there's no public transportation here. I got beaten bloody recently due
to a religious dispute (I was hanging 'Good without God' fliers up
around the city). I live in the bible belt, so I get discriminated
against daily, and every morning I wake up in so much pain (between
being blown up and struck by lightening, I'm in constant, nearly
unbearable, pain) that I sometimes just wish my life would end to make
it stop. Pretty good list, huh? and now for the good...

I'm alive, breathing, and just waiting to see what other shit this world
can come up with to try to bring me down. I'm Ready for Round 2, Baby!

I am a Child of Oblivion, and I'm not afraid anymore.

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Dude, sorry I havent been around to get at you. Life certainly didnt hand you a winning hand. But fuck it all. I'm glad I could get at someone...



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