Children of Oblivion


Children of Oblivion

For those of us who were rejected from the status quo, unfortunate enough to be sub-blue collar bred, ostracized for being intellectual. we dont watch your bloody reality shows, and we dont live up to your MILF housewife expectations.

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I am a Child of Oblivion

Started by Christopher McGuire. Last reply by Mark Sep 15, 2011. 1 Reply

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Comment by Mark on September 15, 2011 at 12:24pm

Yeah, when I made this group I suppose I had fight club inspirations. But I really had not seen the movie much and Ive yet to read the book. I'm just jaded poor white trash with the capability of putting words to my thoughts. My madness serves me well...


Comment by Solomon on November 6, 2010 at 4:41pm
your post sort of reminds me of fight club
Comment by Mark on February 6, 2009 at 12:56am
My friends, recently I've noticed that many of the people I know and love have succumb to the hardships that our society has thrust upon them, I recognize that same depression that has stolen the drive from my very existence. In one way or another we're all failing to live up to the expectations we set as teenagers, or even as children. Life isn't as spectacular as television said we were able to make it, and none of us have yet to see these flying cars that the 1950's swore we'd have.Hell a few of us are more than positive that we weren't even supposed to exist. Those of us in this position should gather together, for we are the Children of Oblivion, the minority of a nation of indulgence, where nothing that was promised to us so long ago was ever fulfilled. Life isn't sunny here, the good rarely win, in fact in some cases, the good die young...... I'm mainly speaking to anyone who does not take what they see for face value, and who no longer wish to live in a world of drug addled MILF housewives who strive daily to maintain status quo because thats what they do on the bravo channel. You're the ones who hate, but don't necessarily know what it is you hate, when people give you lemons, you eat them and cry, because you couldn't afford sugar for lemonade because you just had to feed your mountain dew habit. You know for certain that things are not alright, they're not going to be alright and honestly there's absolutely no point in trying to make it alright. This is it, this is life, and man does it suck. Despite all your hidden talents, and your realisitic view, your joy has been stolen by more affluent, younger people who do fart jokes on you tube and get popular. The next guy has recieved what you were damn sure was promised to you too. Why? Are you a failure? I don't think so, I think we haven't found our voice. So rejects, outcasts, accidents of teenage tomfoolery, and people who just couldn't fit in no matter how many cool toys you have, put the weapons of self destruction down. If there's anything my several failed suicide attempts has taught me, it's that it's not worth the energy to give these champions of social darwinism what they want. These elitists want you to top yourself off, to get out of the way so they can succeed, and true after your dead it doesn't really matter, but there will continue to be more just like us, they're in our schools right now, branded as ugly, dumb, or trash, or whatever term these idiot children have made up today. They need an example of how not to fit in, and they need to be told how to question everything that teachers, congressmen and they're favorite TV stars are telling them. If we're meant to not fit in, to not survive in this dog eat dog world, then at least we can make it tha much more difficult for those pretentious assholes to get what should've been shared with everyone. I'm a Child of Oblivion, a mistake, something that doesn't fit in to society's larger scheme, and while I'm down on my luck now, and shits all coming downhill at once, I'm pretty damn sure that if I can help other people see what I and a few of my cohorts see, we can carve our own little piece of America, and together, stick it to this cookie cutter , faceless society of media whores. It's been said better by cooler people but Fuck The System. One last thing, speak out against the Ethnic cleansing in Gaza... and Intelligent Design.... and creaionism altogether....

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