Retired public school teacher, Chuck Sheldon, who founded Our Godly American Heritage, wants the Bible taught as an elective in Idaho public schools.

Funny thing is that he poses it like he wants an elective academic course. "It’s a book and can be taught without getting involved with devotional or religious rhetoric."

But "courts have already ruled that courses on the Bible may be taught in public schools so long as they are academic in nature, neutral and objective." So what is he really trying to sneak in?

When you check his web site (seriously? GeoCities? I didn't know they were still around)... Anyway, on his site he has Supreme Court facts wrong, misleading statements, and historical inaccuracies. Including this gem: "George Washington and the other Founding Fathers of our nation have made it very clear that our nation cannot survive without the Bible as the foundation of all areas (education, law, government, the market place, media, Wall Street, etc.)."

He is proposing curriculum that was ruled unconstitutional by a Florida district court over ten years ago.

So far he has 20 signatures; yes, really, just 20 - but he does have some support, so we should keep an eye on him. He needs 51,962 before the initiative goes to ballot, then has to pass the ballot to make it into Idaho's constitution.

Nod to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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