Buddhism Without Beliefs: A Contemporary Guide to Awakening By Stephen Batchelor

This is not only a fantastic book about how Buddhism and atheism are compatible; but this is hands down the best book I have ever read about Buddhism.

In fact it was the first book I ever read about Buddhism and it is a great entry level book for those new to the philosophical concepts of Buddhism.

Was thrilled to see it as a recommended book in the Think Atheist amazon.com shop. I think everyone should read this book - regardless of spiritual orientation.

When people ask what my belief system is, I tell them, "I'm an atheist, but I practice Buddhist principles." 

Then they usually ask, "But isn't Buddhism a religion? How can you be an atheist and Buddhist?"  


I wish they would just read Batchelor's book. He explains it so well.

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I read somewhere that Einstein claimed that if any religion is compatible with science, it would be Buddhism. I don't know enough about it myself, so I'll take his word for it :-)
Well in a nutshell, Batchelor explains that Buddha (in his lifetime) did not develop the principles and concepts of what became known as Buddhism as a religion.

That came after Buddha died. It has evolved into what many practice as a religion, but the original concepts - to use a modern term - were originally developed as "self improvement program" to live a more peaceful and productive life. Buddhism was never intended to be a religion.

I just got this book from the library on your reccomendation and I am eager to start reading it.

Great! Hope you enjoy it, Cathleen.

His book Living with the Devil had a huge hand in helping me get over my anxieties about death, not only my own but the people I love. He is so awesome!


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