In my area, in a city called Salisbury, MD, there are couple of billboards that are pro-religion, such as "Wise Men Follow Jesus" and my favorite, "Real Men Follow Jesus."

So here is my "retaliation". I hope you like. :)

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I like it!
Nice! I like it!
Thank you both! :)

And featured!
Good idea but I think it's needlessly inflammatory. I'm not suggesting that we not offend anyone with the billboard but saying "Real men..." will make people shut off and can be construed as sexist. Why not put it, "Not everyone needs an imaginary friend to find peace." or something to that effect?
It is a response to Christian adverts that she has come across. I'd bet that most atheists would not call "Real Men Follow Jesus" inflammatory. Why are we critical of a similar message for atheism?
I realize it's a response however I've come to see that as a small part of the problem. The billboards and messages that get thrown in our faces only make us want to retaliate more. Why would it be any different if we did the exact same thing? One of the challenges for us as atheist/secular activists is to relay our message WITHOUT relying on the exact same tactics and words as those who (by all accounts) wish to enrage us with their's.
Though more barbed comments have their place, to rely on them as most of the "billboard war" activists have is at best a "Jerry Springer Show" style strategy. It's only effective at getting "oooooohhhhs" from the crowd and they tend to polarize more people rather than getting them think.
That's a quality that most, if not all, theist billboards lack and what WE claim to be strong at. So let's be strong at it.
There's more than one way to skin a cat. I don't see anything Springer-esque about it at all.
There's more than one way to skin a cat? ',:-)
What do you hope to accomplish by simply retaliating? What's your end goal in being an atheist/secular activist?
Very well put. The saying goes, "Getting atheists to agree on things is like herding cats."
It's our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. We think independently and so we can come up with many different ideas all at the same time but because of this we fall WAY behind religious groups on what to do AS a group.

I'm actually in the middle of writing a book in an attempt to orient atheist thinking and give the so called "new atheist" movement a more clearly defined direction, a goal that can actually be accomplished, why it should be our goal, and how it can be accomplished. I feel it's a subject that too many atheists have overlooked and none (not even some of the great "leaders" of the "new atheist" movement) have actually addressed.

Now that we're here (you've got to love the internet) and interested what do we do?
LMAO!!! This is true but nothing ventured nothing gained. ;-)
Having "hurt feelings" about something "the other side" has said or done, seldom justifies retaliation. In fact it makes us operate on their level (presumed to be a 'lower' one than ours).

I think you both are reading way too much into it.


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