I don't have much time to write about them but I am curious if you guys think this is the right direction.

Thanks and enjoy!

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I like it! The family idea works very well.
Personally I would envision an atheist billboard containing a little more thought-provoking material, but I like that this has a simple, direct approach and can't be legitimately portrayed as offensive.
I like the family idea, but maybe they should walking through a natural history museum or something instead. A smiling, happy family on a day out to the museum seems a little more related to the concept without being in-your-face and still manages to remain positive and optimistic.
I like that idea Aimee. Have the family walking PAST a group of church goers as they are going towards a museum.
Oooh! Yeah, something like that.

The problem is that Morgan may be hard pressed to find something that will work. I guess he could use his computer magic skills. Or, if we have some photographers willing to to take some shots and submit them to Morgan for manipulation.
I think the point is more geared towards putting a normal face on atheism. We shouldn't over think it. Keep the message direct and simple to keep it effective.
I think the image of a family also says on some level "there are other people like you", which seems to fit in well with the message of the billboard. Not persuading people, just letting them know it's ok to be an atheist, and that they can come here.
We are all of African descent. ;-)

Are you intending to imply that "Atheist Thinking" is naturally, or even exclusively, a province of Afro Americans?

I don't think dark skin color implies something so specific while light skin color somehow does not.
I was more concerned with what people might "read into" it.

Unfortunately, I know what you mean. But I still think it is the antithesis of Think Atheist to be read into in that way. But, you're playing devil's advocate, I realize.

Your point below about finding a target or defining the message I think is a very valid one. I would like to see a message that is simple, yet conveys much through limited wording and the picture. I think we are all on board with putting a normal face on atheism and I think it should be aimed at both doubters and the religious. To the first, it will say “you are not alone, come visit us”. And to the latter, it will say that "we are in your community, we do not have horns, and we are normal people just like you". Much of that can be accomplished by the photo. I’d like to see a message that is not too narrowly aimed, yet effectively strong.

I would like to see less of a disconnect between the photo used and our message. The photo will be key as the typed message should at a minimum, as Morgan has kept it. We need a specific photo that makes the connection and ties this all together. My thoughts, at least.
I thought about that too and I was afraid of the same things. People take the most innocent things and make them into something they're not, and I can definitely see it happening with this.
I already made this one before I made this discussion. Thoughts?

BTW really good feed back! For now I have access to getty 50mb+ single shot photo's of pretty much anything you can think of. (That can be used for commercial use)
You know these ad's make the most sense to me. As a woman walking down the street, I would do a double take just seeing the word "atheist" and nothing offensive is in there. Quite a effective campaign if you ask me. Two Thumbs WAY UP! /golf claps/ ohhhoOOhh

I forgot to add these look very very professional.
No matter what it says, or how it says it, some are going to take offense!


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