The other day I was contemplating the steriotypes that surround Athiest and Christians and how they are not always accurate.  One issue in particular that I was contemplating was family dinner time.  My husband's brother is religious and yet has expressed jealousy about our family time.  His family usually eats processed meals and usually in front of the television or computers.  My husband and I are atheist and we make strong efforts to eat at the dinner table most of the time.  We obviously do not pray before eating but the picturesque idea of eating at the dinner table seems to be associated with religion.  This lead me to the idea of an atheist billboard showing a family eating together at the dinning room table.  My husband helped me brainstorm sayings that could help reveal this misconception of atheist.  He came up with "Because family comes first, think atheist," playing off of the religious saying, "God, family, country," which indicates family comes second. Hope you like the billboard.  The image we attached is only an example; we used internet images.  The actual billboard we were thinking would have the ideal looking family (ie dressed in nice clothes as if they just returned from church) happily enjoying thier home cooked meal together.  ; )

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That's wonderful! :D
That is a pretty cool mock up! Nice work.

I like this idea. It's a positive view of atheism that normalized atheists.

Of course for the mock-up you used Davy and Goliath... Niice.. LOL

You might might want to do a side by side comparison of families... on of faith, one atheist, both looking happy together at meal time. I'm assuming you are meaning to confront the stereotype based on how you led off your posting.

Of course, you'd have to have a baby on a platter in the middle of the table!

Great idea! Love it!

There is an iconic panting by Norman Rockwell that I think wouldbe nice to use with this. Traditonal family Thanksgiving scene. Something like thlat would be great.  It covers generations, putting out the very subtle message that it's never too late....


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