It is such an obvious thought, I suppose it has already been suggested, but - -


A picture of the World Trade Center pre Sept. 11, 2001 with the phrase "Imagine No Religion - Think. Atheist."

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I have to agree with those who view the WTC idea as pushing a little hard with the possibility of annoying people rather than convincing those who can be persuaded that atheism is benign and reasonable. I thought the WTC idea was cute and made a good point, but the arguments against (especially as part of an advertising campaign) are compelling.
What are atheists if not practical? Eyes on the prize rather than making a cheap point. I like my little world trade center idea, but if being subtle and accommodating some sensibilities makes more of an inroad, I won't whine about it. I'll just be confrontational and have my fun in other ways.
I started this thread with the statement to the effect that it is such an obvious idea someone else has probably advanced it. You're right - it is in The God Delusion. Doesn't mean its not an interesting idea.
This would be really interesting to see, both the reactions of atheists and Christians alike.

I also loved what the Atheists of Florida did: a simple sign with an American flag saying "One nation, indivisible..."

Very simple but very effective. Caused a great uproar; there's coverage on it on YouTube by none other than Fox News that can be seen on AtheistMediaBlog (an awesome channel to subscribe to). I would love to see a billboard in Dover, DE, maybe even Salisbury, MD. I mean, there's a billboard in Salisbury saying "Real Men follow Jesus". I'd love to see one right next to it saying "Real Men Don't Believe in Fairies."
This past Christmas season, an Atheist group paid for and posted signs "Millions of people are good without god"  on city busses. The uproar from the Christian Community was so strong that the Fort Worth City Council had the signs removed and passed an ordinance banning "controversial" advertising on city busses. Now, in certain parts of Texas, the first amendment to the Bill of Rights, freedom of speech, is no longer available.

Wow!  Texas Governor Rick Perry declared a month of prayer for Texans to pray for rain during their extreme drought this year.  Guess what?  It didn't work.   How about a Texas billboard which drills into that???    Prayer didn't work?   Try Science!  (and send Perry packing)  


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