I think a very effective way to get the message across is to use humor
as well as poignancy.

1)Long day?…


yourself a strong THINK
@ ThinkAtheist.com

2)Feel like faith is an ancient fossil?

Discover the missing THINK

@ ThinkAtheist.com

------add the attached picture------

This is deceptively simple but I really think that the simplicity of the comment may stick with a driver and cause he/she, if only for a second, to imagine a world without hell. A small nugget of
desire for disbelief. Facts, as we know, don't always help. Spur them
to want to see the other side.

3)There is no HELL
(over a picture of a child/woman sleeping soundly)

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Clever! Two thumbs up!
I approve!
It's good. I've always liked the one on buses in London,
"Sleep in on Sunday mornings".
Love it
Nice play on words. *thumbup*
I like all of these :) Now to decide which one we like best??
This one may be my fav:

2)Feel like faith is an ancient fossil?

Discover the missing THINK

@ ThinkAtheist.com
I like the "There is no HELL" one. Christians get defensive about heaven but come on... wouldn't everyone like to believe that no one goes to Hell. Of course, religious people would still be pissed over it. Love all the ideas.
I really like the last one. I think it'd be really effective.

The idea of Hell is a device that is very often used by theists of all stripes to ensnare people.


I really like the last one, I think it would be better than the 'There probably is no god, so relax and get on with your life' one


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