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This group is for Atheists in the bible belt of the united states but anyone can join if you so desire.

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Comment by Karen Greene on October 8, 2011 at 6:19pm

Ken, I see you love Gov good hair as much as I do.  Still waiting for all that rain the boobs in this state were praying for.  Had a big prayer thing in New Braunfuls a month or so ago.  Still only a dribble.  On the more serious side, I am afraid this moron might get elected!  Samantha, that sounds nasty to have to see everyday.  My hubby was a trucker about 10 yrs ago and I lived on the truck with him and in Utah all you hear on the radio and TV is Mormon stuff and the Walmarts only carry Mormon stuff.


Comment by Ken Hughes on October 8, 2011 at 5:51pm

G'Day Samantha,

I, too, spent a decade in Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be more exact, and the jeebus crap wasn't as prominent there as in a lot of other areas in Florida, although to my taste it was plenty bad enough.  There's even an End Timed Ministry there somewhere in central Florida I think and there are plenty of Caribbean islander folks  who seem to be very excitable when it comes to being "spirit-filled".

My missus went to a crapstian fellowship in Plantation where we lived immediately west of Fort Lauderdale and there were a lot of islanders that went there as well.  She even had a few of them over on a few, very few occasions to our home for a little get-down until I put a stop to it.  I told her the house was as much mine as hers.  Therefore, I said I was going to start inviting some of my friends from the James Randi Education Foundation over for little get-down of our own flavor and that put an end to it.  I reminded her our home was not a church and I didn't expect to have that crap going on within my hearing.

Like an idiot I moved away from SE Florida after becoming worn out by living in the middle of 7-million south Floridians and we moved to doG's country of Tucking fexas!  I've regretted the move a lot but I have some very good atheist friends here and we have meetings and events as often as possible.

Rick Perry is an idiot and it's funny how he zoomes to the top of the Repugnican's list, at least until they listened to him speak.  That down-home, Texas country boy TA&M graduate drawl, logic and language plays well only to a dumbed-down dip-shit electorate.

Comment by Samantha L on October 8, 2011 at 4:19pm

Hello everyone!  I am in Florida...have been for a decade now.  Moving here after living in the Pac West has been so frustrating! In the county I live in..I cannot drive anywhere without seeing "Believe in jesus christ" There is a dentists office who on a major intersection, has a huge billboard with various christian messages on it.  I would like to post my own billboard about Freethinkers...probably would get a big fat no!!


Comment by Trish E. Harmon on October 8, 2011 at 1:31am

Hi, everyone! I almost feel like I'm at an AA meeting, lol. (I happen to work in an alcohol/drug treatment outpatient clinic). I really have been mostly quiet on facebook about my atheist beliefs, though I did put it on my info page for anyone to see. I'm one of those who doesn't want to rock the boat most of the time and don't want to upset others, but I'm starting to lean toward trying to find more atheist friends on facebook with whom I can converse, regardless of the subject. Most of my "friends" are Christian, right-wingers and sometimes they post ridiculous crap about Obama (the birther thing comes to mind) and will put up "inspirational" messages that I just ignore. I'm not offended by it, but more often their political stances really bother me. Most are okay with a point, but often talk about their Christian ways being threatened. I'm really trying to be more open about my views without actually getting into it with my fb friends. So, if anyone wants to be a fb friend with me, I would love that. Just look for Trish Harmon with the funny profile pic of a female skull and crossbones wearing big sunglasses. That's me! (One of my creations for the design work I do.) If I can at least converse about whatever with other like-minded people on my facebook page it will be more fulfilling. If my Christian friends don't like it, they don't have to comment. It's just very frustrating being a minority in a world of crazy people.

Comment by Ken Hughes on October 7, 2011 at 10:17am

Do you think it possible that, perhaps in the distant future, certainly not in our lifetimes,  it will become obvious that there's no one or no thing coming back to "save" us?  Or will it remain as Sam Kennison once said, "Its been 2,000 years," as he looks at his watch and adds "Hell, it could be any minute now"? 

I have all sorts of books by the "New Atheists" lying around on my desk and in my bedroom, she has her own where she can sleep with jesses crap and listen to crapstian propaganda at any hour.  I have her keep him in that room as opposed to all over the place, but she did sneak some small magnetic crap on the reefer door.

Will humanity be ever cursed by religion?  It would certainly seem so, or will science and reality ever in the day?

Comment by Karen Greene on October 7, 2011 at 9:49am

You are lucky!  Here in San Antonio most folks leave us alone because we live in a hotel apartment.  That is sure a first question asked in small towns.  

Comment by Ken Hughes on October 7, 2011 at 9:15am

Thanks; however, one can never "know about the mentality of Texas" until one lives it.  I found that when one is introduced to someone here in Wise County (an oxymoron for the century) the first question is normally "where do you go to church"?  I always replied "I don't do the church thing" to weird looks and questioning eyes.  I write a lot for the editorial section of the local rag and it's generally known that I'm a non-believer, and the missus tells her fellow bible-pounders that I am a non-believer and to not hit on me.  Here pastor is a young, very nice and accommodation guy who knows of my atheism and allows Ken to be Ken; his name is also Ken.

Comment by Karen Greene on October 7, 2011 at 8:46am

I so agree about the mentality of Texas.  I was told to stay away from the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Is churchie good old boys kind of crap.  After all, look at our Gov good hair. My big question is where is the rain? Ugh!  I am an out spoken 65 yr old, not so nice old lady.  My hubby is an atheist also.  I read a lot of Issac Asimov books when we lived in NYC.  I think Obama is such a nice, well educated man but he needs to drop the nice and tell these morons where to go.  Nice talking, Karen

Comment by Ken Hughes on October 7, 2011 at 8:14am

My missus and I are both from Eden, NC just a pleasant drive east of Winston-Salem and you are spot-on about the natural beauty of the state.  I've covered it from the highest point est of the Rockies, Mt. Mitchel, to the Outer Banks and I regret ever moving to Florida in 1993.  However, the move was necessary if I was to make a living.  When we moved away there were 125 churches of various brands, mostly baptist or pentecost in form in Eden or its near environs.  I outed myself as an atheist on 1990 after being exposed to the true nature of bible freaks and geeks by being dragged by my missus and two kids to the Assemblies of doG-affiliated Martinsville Crapstian Fellowship for a year before I finally bailed to preserve my sanity.  My missus is still a born-again and I tell her that she'll have to "forgive" me fore thinking that my mom got it right the first time and I never felt the need for a second round.

We lived in Fort Lauderdale from 1993 to 2003 where I was very active with the James Randi Education Foundation and became close friends with the "Amazing One' Randi himself, actually appearing in his chair on occasion when the JREF ran a web cast every 4th Thursday following the 4th Thursday Open Forum discussion hosted by Randi if he wasn't traveling as he often was.  It was held in the Isac Asimov Library and I would give anything to have a copy of that library as my office.

In 2003, for a host of reasons we moved from Fort Lauderdale and its incredible international wildly-flavored community to rural north central Texas horse country in Wise County )not) near the Texas version of Podunk, Decatur.  Little did I realize I was moving to a cowboy version of Eden and there are a very few atheists but this forum has allowed or enabled two of my fellow atheists to link up and we go to the Denton Atheist Meetup Group every other Sunday 46-miles to our east.  Denton is a college town and there are a lot of fellow travelers on the not-doG road there as one would anticipate, even in Texas.

Here's the rub, my missus is still an evangelical crapstian and this past June 3 we celebrated 45-successful years of marriage, proving that as long as there is mutual respect for each others First Amendment rights and responsibilities it's possible for the immovable object and the irresistible force to coexist under the same roof; she's also a neocon-theocon repugnican who voted for McCain and I was a very active supporter of Obama.  Be that as it may he needs to get his head out of his republican-smelling ass and listen to the people like me who are renewing the protest movement that I remember fondly and have long thought it was time for a new Peace Movement.  I'm 67 so I know well of what I speak.


Comment by Karen Greene on October 7, 2011 at 6:34am

Kathleen, My husband and I lived in Winston Salem for several years in the 1990's.  NC is so beautiful.  My husband had a show once a week on the local cable channel about calling in and asking questions of atheists.  He was so popular people would shake his hand in the grocery store.  It was so unreal. Have you joined some of the atheists on FB?  I did and do not feel alone anymore.  My hubby is gone all day driving a cab and I am disabled so my computer is my friend.  Nice to hear from you.  Karen


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