How many times have you been stopped in your tracks while going about your day, minding your own business and someone asks you "do you go to church?" or "do you know the lord jesus christ as your personal savior?"
EEEEEEK!!! Are you not totally offended? Well I am! It happens quite a bit here where I live.

Does anyone have some good stories to share about their experiences and how you dealt with it?

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I've had that happen *at work* of all places (years ago- by a boss!). I wasn't even Atheist then but I was still offended and thought it crossed a line :/ 

My advice? Just say no and leave it at that, a lot of the time that will throw them off. It's hard to give an answer that won't lead to a long discussion! Don't argue and don't entertain them or they won't let it go. 


Maybe we need to print up Atheist "tracks" to hand out with the title "No one's going to hell" -that would shut 'em up...for a minute :D

I recall telling someone who asked that,  I belong to the church of What's Coming Down Now.  But if I was asked now, I'd say :  the church of the flying spaghetti monster.

My next door neighbor, who was 91 yrs old did that to me.  For months I had helped her with things and one day she asked me to go to church and I told her I was an atheist and she hugged herself and backed into her chair and started telling me that I was no good and immoral.  I reminded her that I never had done drugs or alcohol and was married for 33 yrs and she said that that didn't count.  Shortly after that she banged on my door after I was asleep ranting and I told her to go away.  Shortly after that I was called into the office for being offensive to her and 2 months later we were evicted by email.  Yes!  I want to choke people when they say I am no good because I don't have a personal relationship with Jesus.  I want to say that I only have a personal relationship with my husband and people who respect me.  You should hear the city council meetings here in San Antonio, they sound like old time tent revivals.  

When I was still drinking, I would find tracts stuck in my security door from time to time, and I had a plan I never got to execute should I ever come face to face with them. I was going to open the door stark naked, with a bottle of whiskey in my hand, and yell "Com'n in!! Lesh tawk 'bout Jesus fuckin Christ a while!"

Good thing I didn't. In Birmingham AL, I would probably still be in jail.

It doesn't bother me. I get Jehovah's Witnesses at the door and Mormon/LDS kids asking, along with usual people at work. Mobile is mostly Catholic and I don't think Catholics go out hunting for the non-believers like they used to. If I'm not busy, I'll usually let them run through their bit, if I'm really bored, I'll argue.

Like William said, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is always fun. I've pulled Odin, Thor, Zeus, Chronos, Cthulu, etc. Pick an old, long forgotten god and ad-lib trying to convert them. The reactions are priceless.

I am not in the Bible belt (upstate NY). I enjoy the back and forth of debate, but insist that we walk out to the sidewalk to do it, because I do not allow that sort of discussion on my property. That usually takes them off their game form the get go. This never happened, but I like the humor of it: The last time the JWs came to my door, they didn't even say one word when I opened it. So, I closed the door, got dressed.......

I have a simple answer for then when they tell me to have a blessed day..I simply tell them "And May the Pasta be with you as well" Yes it gets looks to wit i tell them I am a Rastafarian . Then inevitably  they ask what is that? At that point I them to go look it up it would take too long to explain. Which of course leaves them with a bewildered look on their faces. I love confusing them makes cracks in their perfect lil  belief system. I don't know how many actually have bothered to look it up and don't really care to be honest. But just to to have thrown their off their game is worth it to me. Let's be honest your are not going to win them ove rso the best you can hope for is to throw them outta their comfort zone in a polite way


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