just received my "SATURDAY MORNING WELCOME MAT" in the mail from China today. (couldn't find anyone who COULD or WOULD make it for me here...

Can't wait to do the "watch 'em through the blinds" routine when they walk up to this one next week... I'm sure my house or sidewalk or something will have the mark put on it as being THE evil residence in Mobile....


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i thought of putting out "WELCOME, WE'RE AN AMWAY FAMILY", but figured either one would run 'em off.
aaaaaaaaaweeeeeeesommmeeeee!!!!!!!!! i want one!!!
i would worry about it getting stolen, is there a way you can secure it to the ground or something. let us know what kind of response you get, i am very anxious lol!
That's hilarious, you should have more made and sell them.
Another variation could be to take one of the "Go Away" mats, and add the words "evangelical christians under the "Go Away".
That is F'n BRILLIANT! I would get one too, but I'm afraid my wife would object. She doesn't like it when I get too "vocal", but hey - at least she likes the DarwinFish on the cars (and the spares we carry in the glove compartments of our cars - she even replaced one stolen recently!).

And she does let my teenage daughter wear her FSM shirt to school. That girl has always been an adrenaline junkie (equestrian - English jumper, Western barrel racer; and much more)...

Little steps, little steps... ;)
I have the FSM's on both vehicles. No problem with theft here; heck no one knows what they are!!
You know some nut is going to steal it LOL even thou THO SHALL NOT STEAL LMAO
Hi Chuck, I'm one county and one state line over in Jackson County, MS. I have been thrown out of a regular poker circle for announcing my atheism in response to criticism of those who actually think. I have seen a good friend who used to make fun of another acquaintance for his "getting on the cross" years later nail his own self up there to the exclusion of anyone not so inclined. Welcome to the Bible Belt!!! BTW, Nice Mat, I hope it works! Rob
I've been waiting for some bible thumpers to knock on my door. Haven't had one (or pair ) for the 3 yrs I've been at this duplex. Am I at work when they're around? (what's a common shift for them? ) Is there something terribly heathen about my front door? Ain't they after 'em heathens? Have neighbors tipped them off? I don't think the baptists allow the door2door folks in this tiny town. (kinda like drug dealers and hookers having certain street corners? ) Bummer.
LOVE it. I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witless, and a number of my childhood's Saturdays were wasted going "door-to-door" instead of staying home with friends my own age and watching Scooby Doo, Super Friends and Wonder Woman, or playing games and making proper mischief, like any other normal, American child would have been doing.


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