Just joined. Thought I'd say hi! (Plus great petition you should consider passing along!)

Hello everyone! Looking forward to browsing around and getting involved in this site more. I'm from the Houston, Texas area so I figured this group would be appropriate. I've previously lived in Louisiana as well so I've had my fair share of the bible belt.
While I'm on the topic of Louisiana, has anyone heard that Governor Bobby Jindel is trying to fund private schools that teach creationism with tax payers money? I feel really strongly that this is unconstitutional and morally wrong. Anyone else have any thoughts on it?
Here is a petition someone started to try to stop this from happening. Check it out and please pass it along to all your friends and family. It needs every signature it can get : http://www.change.org/petitions/the-governor-of-la-halt-the-impleme...
Anyway, I look forward to speaking with each one of you!

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G'Day Ryan,

I would not be surprised at anything weird Jindal would do, and this sounds typical of the genre.  I've passed through Louisiana a few times and with the exception of Coon-Ass cooking and New Orleans Jazz, the state is a backwoods swampy hell-hole in my opinion.

Since you're in the houston area, google "Houston Atheist MeetUp group" and join up.  They are a large group with a lot of activities; I think you'll like what you see.  I'm on their email list but it's too fr away from Decatur up NNE of Fort Worth for me to go except if I happen to be in Houston at the time.

Welcome aboard, we're a friedly group.





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