I got dipped 2 times. I was too young to really remember the first time, but I remember getting pressured into it the 2nd time by my parents and the preacher. It seemed more like an assembly line to me because there were 6-7 other kids behind me waiting. Maybe it was the church I went to, but I would think that something that symbolizes so much would be made more special and cherrished a bit more than just dunking someone under water, saying a few words and pushing them on their way. any other input?

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It was my understanding that once was all anyone needed as for ever after one was in the fold as it were.  All religions are rife with pointless symbolism and ceremony, all of which is ludicrous, laughable and just plain whacked-out screwy-silly.  I remember one such affair at the "Christian Fellowship" to which my wife and kids dragged me for a year until I finally rebelled and made the final leap into full-blown atheism.  It was at the outdoor, former gold fish pond for the estate that became a very regal home for the equally whacked-out bunch of Pentecostal mob and some of the younger crowd was going under. 

One lass, quite lovely and well put together indeed was wearing her best, I suppose, dunking gear was taken backwards into the water as normal.  As she was brought back up, her water-soaked dress and the flimsy garments thereunder were rendered almost transparent, even to her, obviously very cold nipples that were standing at attention in stark relief and quite visible through the material; quite the entertaining show it was.

I was baptized twice - sprinkled in the Moravian church, and dunked in the Church of Christ; then later confirmed/first communion in the Catholic church.  All of the above were to be a member of a community.


Thought third time was a charm but it didn't stick. Oh well. 

I was raised Catholic, so one baptism. You're baptized early (the first coupe of months), then you "re-affirm your belief" at Confirmation, which is just a baptism with oil instead of water (in about the sixth or seventh grade age or so). Confirmation for Catholics is like that, you have classes of 20+ children doing all the chants and you get blessed by the Bishop and BOOM! you're a full-fledged Catholic before you're in High School or formed your own opinion or thought. I think the classes are smaller if you convert as an adult. But the first baptism is usually just one or maybe two children, pretty individualized. At least here in Mobile it is.

Three times? I was so young the first time that I hardly remember it. The second time I MIGHT have been 9, at most. The third time, maybe 15? Right after I met my first husband, anyway. After that, I figured that if it was going to work, it would have by then.


Once when I was 12 in a lake in Alabama with a Baptist church

Born and brought up in Georgia.  Went to a baptist church from a young age.  When I turned 13, I was visited by three or four men from the church and told that I needed to "walk soen the aisle" and accept Jesus.  For various reasons I did so.  The primary reason was not cause embarassment to my grandmother if I refused.

It didn't take.  How I escaped the intense brainwashing I really don't know, but I did and have never looked back.

This was a repeat of the above so I deleted it.

I was never baptized. My parents "were religious but didn't follow organized religion." I went to church as a kid with a neighbor. I was saved once when I was around 12. A lot of good that did!

I was baptized once as a baby. I grew up in the Catholic faith so they only dip you once. lol

  I recall as a preschooler being taken to the city pool and dunked. Never made any sense to me.

I was baptized once when I was 12 in a Disciples of Christ church in Memphis, TN. My grandparents were afraid for my immortal soul. And, we moved to another city shortly after that, so maybe they were worried that my parents wouldn't get me baptized once we moved.  I did it because I didn't have much of a choice and they were very persistent - and they felt better afterwards.  When I was younger, I was pretty easy going when it came to humoring the religious. Hey, if you provide the pool and the white gown, I'm taking a dip!

I'm 46 now and the older I get, the more outspoken I get about my atheism.


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