I got dipped 2 times. I was too young to really remember the first time, but I remember getting pressured into it the 2nd time by my parents and the preacher. It seemed more like an assembly line to me because there were 6-7 other kids behind me waiting. Maybe it was the church I went to, but I would think that something that symbolizes so much would be made more special and cherrished a bit more than just dunking someone under water, saying a few words and pushing them on their way. any other input?

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Only once, but I didn't actually grow up in the bible belt so it probably doesn't count.
Although I avoided baptism, I can agree with what you say about it needing to be more special.
Before it was converted to the Auburndale Life Church ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGg0FM5hBgw ), I was baptized at Life & Praise Temple in Auburndale, FL. I didn't do it for faith. I did it for shits & giggles. I still had my long hair, wearin' the blue face Manson shirt with a pentacle necklace, and all that dark shit. Ever see a Pentecostal church go from a bunch of ravin' lunatics to dead silence? Anyways, it was quite funny to see the jaws drop.
Now, that's something I'd pay to see.
haha!!! i cant remember how many time i was baptized lol geez! and how many times i went to the altar to give my heart back to jesus!!!! a trillion....never took for me either!
Never took the dip myself. My parents are Christians very loosely associated to an at times fire and brimstone southern baptist church full of very polite but mostly racist old people. I grew up having little more than a rough idea that I was supposed to be a "Christian" and knew it had to do with xmas and easter and Noah's ark and why snakes are bad. I do remember asking my mom after a cousin got baptized if I was "saved" and she said it was something they didn't think was something you should take lightly and should know about before doing it so you're sure.

It was only after my mom died of lung cancer that my dad got baptized. I remember the pastor in the kitchen making his sales pitch for why he and my stepmom should take a walk in the glass bathtub while I was just flabbergasted that they would do it when they weren't the ones sure they wanted to do it themselves.
never I was saved once but I guess it didn't take LOL
The church I was raised in did it when you were a baby. I only had it done once but we did have the communion ceremony when were were "of age."
Never baptized, thank God (LOL)! My parents hated church, though they claim to be southern baptists. They've probably just never thought about it. Thankful for that, anyway.
Once, as far as I know, but I was living in Ohio at the time.
Not once. My family went through a time when all 5 of them went through it in a months time. From the start i informed them i will not be one of them. It took some time before they let the subject go.
Only once. I think that I was about 2 years old. I nevertheless managed to properly express myself by saying; "get that water off my head". I imagine that that was the first really insightful thing that I ever said!


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