Got this on Friday at my work mail:


Please join us in praying for our Country on Aug 6th. I know that some of you do not live in the surrounding area of Houston or even in the State of Texas and cannot make it to the Reliant Stadium to join us in praying for our Country, so if you could stop on Sat. Aug 6th and pray several times that day, it would be just as good as if you were there praying with us.


God bless our Country. (more follows that was not her own)


I feel I can't leave well enough alone, but this being a (semi-decent) client, I'm not sure what to go with. Any ideas?

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Please join me at a multi-angle economic and political research session. We hope to find an angle of attack which can help solve the grievous problems besetting our country. We implore you to aid us! We can't solve anything if we don't do anything. It's not as if we can just wish for everything to get better!

We'll be going through various texts from 6 AM on the 6th of August to around eleven when we'll break for lunch. At 1 PM we'll continue on for a few more hours and try to formulate a plan which will be sent to our local representatives. 
Thank you for actually doing something useful to help your country! 


If it’s a client, perhaps you might want to suggest that you’d sincerely appreciate that all emails sent to your work account be entirely business related and that you appreciate their understanding and cooperation.

Or if you wanted to make beliefs known to them, simply thank them for their message but inform them you will be unable to participate as doing so would be a violation of your own personal beliefs.

A combination of the two is also an option.

I personally would delete the email and not respond. Really, what’s the harm in asking others to participate in an activity that you have no personal interest in? They’re meeting to whisper into their hands with the hopes that some non-existent, magic sky being will hear them and grant their collective wishes.

Pick your battles. This one doesn’t seem worth it.

I agree with Rick. Delete the email. If they send a follow-up reminder, let them know that you would appreciate it if emails sent to your work address are strictly of a business nature. 

I was about 90% sure that's what I would end up doing before posting this; wanted to see if someone had a more clever answer. Dylan's answer isn't too bad though. Perry has a record of failure as pointed out here, which if I were shooting from the hip, would reply with.

It almost sounds like you’re wanting to get into something with this particular client. You don’t need something clever, or an “I gotcha” moment. It’s not a big deal. Just be professional. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.  If you really feel emotionally invested for some reason, then you should consider letting it sit for a day or so with the hopes you can approach the situation from a more rational standpoint.

Eh, not really. She's someone I end up seeing maybe once every other month, if that. I'll probably just nuke it and move on with life. As much as I'd like to tell her "You do know Perry's just using you guys to cover up his incompetence and greed, right?" I don't think it'd take -- they're Beck fans, after all. Ugh.

Living in Mobile, AL and having a huge client base, I get messages from clients/customers that are similar in nature from time to time.  

I have discovered that emails like this are the reason that god created the delete key.

Anything you say WILL be taken the wrong way. 

Now, if you really don't want to retain them as a client....

"Anything you say WILL be taken the wrong way."



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