** FORbidden HIStory** where through all the smoke screen "the truth,the whole truth,and nothin' but the truth really is"

Over the past 2 centuries, researches have found bones and artifacts showing that people like ourselves existed on theis earth 30 to 40 thousand years ago. This is bound like always to inspire contriversies, challenging as it does, one of the most fundimental components of the modern scientific world view.Some will die to keep these truths hidden! 


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It's true that Homo sapiens sapiens (modern man - not to be confused with other species, like Homo sapiens neanderthalensis) has existed for tens of thousands (close to 100,000) years. This pretty much negates the 6,000-year-old planet that the young earth creationists prefer to believe in.

This is completely incoherent.

Ganikus I am sure I read somewhere in the TA guidelines to posting that we are asked to include references. Not only does your post fail to include any references it has no context at all, zero, zip, nada, niks !

Try again, start at the beginning, lay your point out logically and coherently and including references.

Please tell me what chemicals you are using, they sound awesome! ;)

Dr. Michael Cremo wrote the book:' Forbidden Archeology'

However Dr. Cremo is considered a fringe scientist. Fringe science, not withstanding, many of the artifacts documented in his book are begging for plausible scientific explanations. For  instance, a spark plug and embossed plate  found in a vain of coal. Also there is a human thumb fossil from the pre-cambrian.

The problem with these artifacts is that they are one of kind and as such can not be formally accepted in the scientific community.

Weren't those items forgotten in some chalk abundant and wet area? I recall hearing something about a fossilized pickaxe once and it was found to be from the first half of the nineteenth century. In the right conditions, fossils can be created extremely quickly.

As for a human thumb from the Cambrian, how the hell can they confirm that it's definitely human vs similar to a human?

Some of these so called "fringe" scientists sound less fringe-y or scientific-y than just plain dumb. If they were Xians it would have just been God dunnit.

I've seen the "human finger" in question. It's at the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, TX. Not impressive in the least, I must add. Talk Origins offers the following two explanations:


1. The finger looks remarkably similar in size and shape to the cylindrical sandstone infillings of Ophiomorpha or Thalassinoides shrimp burrows commonly found in Cretaceous rocks. Although its general shape is fingerlike, it has none of the fine structure one would expect from a finger.


2. The fossil was not found in situ, so it cannot be conclusively associated with Cretaceous formations (Kuban 1996). Even if it were a real fossil finger, it would be of no value as evidence against evolution.




Furthermore, "Dr." Carl Baugh, founder of the CEM, has been discredited as a fraud by both the scientific and even religious communities (source)

"Creation Evidence Museum"


Yeah, I don't think these places qualify as museums. More appropriately they should be called creation amusement parks, since they exist more for amusement than to provide actual information.

I remember the first time i drove by Jesusland The Holy Land Experience in Orlando and I laughed in horror. In all honesty: How uncouth.


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