Hello! So I'm new to this group, website and being outwards with atheism, happily. I'm originally from TN but for the last 3 years I've been in Japan and Yuma AZ, so the people that I've known so well, and have known me the same, have naturally drifted out. What I did find funny though was when I did something as little as "Changed his religious preference to: Atheist." I'm not kidding, well over half of my "Friends list" offered me words/advice/prayer/some thought I was depressed and others said more or less to just fuck off. It was funny at first, but the more I thought, I just became outraged, at how more self concerned they all were. Now I do not care for concern from others and I really do not enjoy attention on me, but it's just funny how you never hear from these people, friends or even "family" until something small like a "status change". Just some thought. I really don't have many people(in person) to talk about my beliefs or even hold a decent conversation, mainly because they all have a god. lol So, I saw this Bible belt group and figured it would be a great place to start. The south sure is a monster of it's own. I look forward to speaking with you all. Good day!

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I am from a small town called Altoona, in central Fl. The population here is less than one thousand and there are four churches.

My religious status on Facebook has been Atheist for a couple of years now, but I am constantly supprised when FB friends tell me they never knew I was "without god." Do people really not ever look my facebook page, or are they just in denial? I think a lot of people don't bother looking/asking becuase they naturally assume everyone is Christian, which drives me mad.

One of my former friends came to the conslusion that I was crazy after finding out I was an Atheist and, heaven forbid, believed in evolution. It was quite funny; his argument for my insanity and the fact that he'd known me for a while and never saw the ever so obvious "atheist" icon on my profile. C'est la vie.

 I really don't feel any sadness for loosing friends over religion because it's their problem for being so narrowminded, not mine.



Yes, they do assume that everyone is a Christian. That's why the question is never, "Do you go to church?" but "Where do you go to church?"

Haha, exactly.


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