Hello! So I'm new to this group, website and being outwards with atheism, happily. I'm originally from TN but for the last 3 years I've been in Japan and Yuma AZ, so the people that I've known so well, and have known me the same, have naturally drifted out. What I did find funny though was when I did something as little as "Changed his religious preference to: Atheist." I'm not kidding, well over half of my "Friends list" offered me words/advice/prayer/some thought I was depressed and others said more or less to just fuck off. It was funny at first, but the more I thought, I just became outraged, at how more self concerned they all were. Now I do not care for concern from others and I really do not enjoy attention on me, but it's just funny how you never hear from these people, friends or even "family" until something small like a "status change". Just some thought. I really don't have many people(in person) to talk about my beliefs or even hold a decent conversation, mainly because they all have a god. lol So, I saw this Bible belt group and figured it would be a great place to start. The south sure is a monster of it's own. I look forward to speaking with you all. Good day!

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I'm an atheist living in TN, and, man,  it's crazy! Most of my friends are cool with my beliefs and we just don't bring up religion around each other, but there are some that just cannot believe it and won't just let go. I'm always very understanding with them about things and rarely do I let it get to me. I don't know, man, it's a very touchy issue in the south, especially in a small town like mine. Just have to roll with it, and live and let live....as long as they'll let us.
Hello and thanks for the reply! Yes, that sounds identical to my situation when I visit those I stay in touch with at home; It seems there is always an awkwardness about the room. So where are you from in TN? Also just being curious, as for me I know none, do you have any friends/relatives at home who share your ideas and beliefs?

Tipton County, TN. I have a couple of friends that are really starting to question their beliefs, and I'm doing my best to answer them without too far out of their comfort zones. I'm trying not to sound too aggressive to them or anything, and I'm really just trying to get them to read and explore things on their own. Other than that, nope. Not a single friend or family member that is an atheist, or, at least, not one that will say so.


Cool, I've been through the area, I think I may have had a band competition there in HS, I also could be completely wrong lol. It's cool your friends are doing so, could be a kind of practice in showing people a new way to think. I've pondered how I could bring it up to my friends without getting the deer in the headlights look, I am very curious about some of them. Religion is not a topic of conversation within my close friends.
It's definitely a sensitive topic to discuss with close friends, which is why I try my best to get them to read as much as possible. I don't want to lose friends or anything, but I can't stand seeing them caught in the snares of a "religious mindset". It's a delicate balance, oh well.
Yes, I'm pretty much sure the same thing will happen to me if I were to put Atheist as my religion on FB. For right now, it just says Pastafarian. :)
Yeah, I just leave mine blank. If anyone asks I don't hesitate to tell them though. :)
I was starting to think I should have stuck with Agnostic, honestly I was a bit curious to see a response though... Heheh I suppose you can't go wrong with Pasta either. =) So what there parts of the danged ole south are you from?
I'm in Knoxville and I am the only avowed Atheist in my entire family, extended or otherwise, except for my fiance. My mother still won't let it go even though we've been arguing about it since I was 17 or so and I'm 38 now. I try not to argue with her about it anymore because it always gets so heated and she just doesn't seem to get it at all. No point in trying anymore. It's not like I'm trying to convince her, or anyone for that matter. All I'm looking for is to be understood, but I get that with living in the Bible belt that might be an impossibility. I talk about my lack of belief on facebook all the time and have had family members unfriend me, but I can't stop being me.

My FB profile has me listed as the following, as I just don't care what anyone thinks anymore.


Agnostic, Freethinker, Secular Humanist, rationalist, skeptic, heathen, heretic, unbeliever, infidel

I'm with you, Brian.  In new age/baptist territory in Asheville, here's what my status says and I'm very activist about my fight against mass delusions:   "Non-Delusional  Nontheistic Humanistic Phenomenolgistic Sartrean Existentialistic. No, I am NOT "spiritual."
I had BIG BANG in the space for religion for a long time, then I kept seeing more and more people with agnostic on their's. So I decided to put Atheist up there incase they needed to know that they wouldn't be alone in their belief. I really do believe that most agnostic's really want to say Atheist but just need a little support.


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