just wondering on a scientific level.

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I pretty much do. 

We all know that energy never dies, just transforms. i have a theory that the electrochemical energy synapse in our brains is the "soul" and does not always get erased (the white light).

Do you have any theory about when each soul comes to exist, e.g. while an embryo, or at birth?

Surely that's ordinary physical energy, which dissipates as heat just like any other kind of physical energy. 

I really do not have a clue about how it could work, but I don't need to.  I have quite good quality evidence which I will hopefully upload tomorrow (the same BBC documentary which I keep on wheeling out - don't miss the talking baby). 

Ivy, why not give this a download / listen if you haven't already heard it.  The spookiest thing I have ever heard. 

BBC Radio 4 Christmas Spirits

No.  It is just wishful thinking.  The energy we generate is from a biochemical reaction, when that stops so does the energy.  Poof.  Sorry.

No....but I work in a funeral home/cemetery and sometimes I freak myself out with my own thoughts. Let's just say I don't like being the last one to leave at night ;)

Supernatural entities, such as ghosts, cannot exist in the sense of the current meaning.  IE: The energy created by your brain is electrochemical, and, not supernatural.  The brain waves go flat when you are dead (brain dead), and do not continue when the brain ceases to function.

So, when dead, synapses are not firing...and, therefore, the firings that already occurred, which lead to actions/reactions by you, at the time, are now history.

If you create a spark, there is zero evidence that that spark continues to exist after its discharge is complete.

There is therefore, no mechanism to make a series of synaptic firings continue when the brain no longer exists...there is no "echo" of these firings to observe.


A synapse series fires, say, to make the living person move his arm.

Humans do not see that series fire off, they might see the person's arm move though.

What would cause the person, centuries later, to see an arm move, an arm that is not there?

This would be the same mechanism that would cause you to see a lightening strike centuries after it last did so...IE: Its BS.


Now, if we could for example have telescopes with resolution correction and magnification that was essentially infinite in power, and look back at a distant planet and watch someone do something they did thousands of years ago...as the light just reached us, etc.

That is not supernatural though...and, not a ghost anymore than a person you see on TV today is...its merely you being able to see someone remotely.

So, no, there is no such thing as a ghost....its just another mythological creature like a fairy, sprite, goblin or elf, etc.


No. We have no reason to think they are real. Like with goblins and bigfoot and angels and God and toothferries....there is absolutely no evidence (not a shred) that stands up to scrutiny. By scrutiny we mean debunking the evidence given, exposing lies or fraudulent claims, giving alternative explanations that require no magic or the ultimate rejection: it is ridiculous to believe in magical supernatural fiction.

What does science say? In addition to those few who bother debunking the theory, some psychologists study how and why the human mind events strange explanations for mysterious events or scary situations, how these ideas become part of a broader culture and folklore, why these beliefs stubbornly remain despite the total lack of evidence, why people manufacture evidence (consciously or subconsciously).

Then you have scientists who draw on knowledge of human psychology,  human fear/pleasure,  particular cultures, sound engineering, image rendering (especially special effects) in order to scare the shit out of us and enjoy the experience of seeing ghosts do magical fearful things. Note that even those of us who completely reject the existence of ghosts...are still scared shitless when we see these films/shows and may even have an aftershock for some hours/days. That's how well scientists have researched human emotions, biases, why we invent and believe strange things, folklore and how fear and pleasure work (especially in combination). I watched "stranger things " this month and was so spooked by the first episode one night I watched all the rest during the day.

Philosophers have spent quite a bit of time exploring whether fictional characters are somehow real. For example Casper the ghost is more familiar to the world than say your cousin ad hasn effected your life, the way you think of the world and even how you live your life. Does that make him somehow real? As real as a non physical being can be...but it is limited to the imagination. If humans perish...so will Ghosts. I refuse to believe Casper the Ghost or Jesus is real...despite how familiar these characters seem and how almost tangible they are...its almost like you know them well...you can almost reach out and touch them...despite them being pure fiction.

Scientists have learnt a lot about how undetectable sounds and vibrations effect us...and in part it explains some cases where people claim to sense a ghost or see strange kight. For example the vibrations of an old furnace or old pipes can register subconsciously through our senses (beyond the traditional five) and how light may appear in the corners of your eyes when sudden loud sounds startle us. This has benefitted us to some degree as weve been able to eliminate these sounds/vibrations in environments where highly sensitive people live/work who might otherwise become burnt out by stress and had been able to understand the relationship between the eyes, rendered vision and other stimuli. Amusement parks and sound engineers actually use this knowledge (as I mentioned earlier) to increase the stress and anxiety of their audience.

You can be 99.99999999999999% sure there are no ghosts. But science/research on the topic has given us an incredible amount of knowledge per physics, the human mind, cultural constructs, emotions, the senses, sound, light, human manipulation, entertainment and superstition/religion.


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