Do you guys/girls think "In God we trust" should be remove from U.S. money?

Granted, it's a cumbersome issue and it was added then (on paper money) to distinguish us from the "Godless Communist", but at this point isn't it a bit childish. Most Christians respond with "Oh, it's a good thing, it's what makes us number one", or "Why can't they just leave it like it is? I guess they have to cater to the will of the minority." America is not number 1 in a lot anymore, sure a couple things like war, but our education system is ranked fairly poorly especially compared to China, Japan, or Sweden, which have good education systems and are mostly atheists, but just because we're not number 1 doesn't mean we can't be, we just have to fix the problem. Also, I don't understand how they say it would be catering towards the "minority", all it's doing is making it neutral and "In God we Trust" was added to it, as it was never there originally, and it replaced e. Plurubus unum.

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As long it stays legal tender, I'm good. 'As far as I am concerned', they could make special $1.00 issue paper for the season of the year, or birthdays of scientists.

I expect in time, if 'smart paper' become available, there could be free encoded movie/trailers on each one, making them a collector's item. The government could then be 'paid' to print the $1.00 bill as an anvertising platform. Imagine the weirdness that could result, 'Debbie Does Dallas #12", just above 'In God We Trust'. Woow TMI...

Growing up in England, I'm very used to seeing the sign, in small shops, that says:-

In God We Trust
All Others Pay Cash

So having these words on money makes it a tad silly.  Honestly, cash is used less and less, these days, and somehow I can't see the credit card companies putting it on their plastic.  As cash becomes less and less tendered, I'm guessing the need for anything on a dollar bill will fade.  The dollar bills will probably become obsolete without the need for any major re-design.  I can't say I really care what the governments write on their currency, it's not like I have to read it.  I realise that there is a principle involved, but I have better battles for better principles to distract me.

I think there is plenty of valid religious basis for removing it, and if that aspect of it was pursued maybe it would happen.

Teddy Roosevelt thought it was a sacrilege.  I agree, of course, but for exactly the opposite reason.


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