Does anyone else find it frustrating dating in the south? A few weeks ago a friend of mine set me up on a blind date/meeting with a friend of hers and it went great! She was awesome, we had a lot in common and we both had told our friend that we really wanted to see each other again. She even sent me something saying she wanted to hang out again, that is until she saw that was an atheist... After that she refused to go out with me again even though we both had a really great time together because of the simple face that I didn't believe in magic. I knew that she was very religious which I'm really not a big fan of but I would have tried to keep my religious beliefs out of it, I just don't understand why the religious can't do the same. I had given up on serious relationships until I move north or to Europe after college anyway but its still a little disheartening. Anyone else deal with this crap?

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Tell me about it. find a girl you really click with then the moment you find out they believe in bullshit it is hard to look at them in the same way again. When you are brainwashed from the time you are born to believe in this shit you it is hard for some to put it aside when they find someone they like. It has to encompass their entire life. Some can but I have not found many.

I use to hang out with a friend who believed in a god but never went to a church. We went to movies and did fun stuff but the moment they started going to church it was all about god. All their music changed, movies, books. They threw out all their sci-fi/fantasy books and got all religious ones. It was bazaar. I had to stop being friends cause they kept trying to recruit me into their cult after many times I told them to leave me alone about that shit.
I haven't dated in a long time, other than the dates my husband and I do. I would say, look into joining an atheist or free thinkers group. Also the vegan / veggie groups tend to be free thinkers. Try to involve yourself in things you enjoy that have free thinkers. That way you'll be more likely to run into hot chicks that are magic but don't believe in magic!

Or you could just really get into activities you enjoy and there meet some really interesting people who, because they already know you and like you as a person, don't freak out once they find out you are an atheist. It worked for me. I'm a gamer.

BTW, moving North or to Europe won't lead to you the happy atheist hunting grounds. There are tons of "believers" everywhere.
Yo... here's the thing: you can't date someone who is religious. It gets into every aspect of their life and she CAN'T overlook the fact that you're atheist, unless she wants to stop taking her beliefs seriously. That would be nice, but... it really is impossible to keep you views about the foundations of life out of your relationship. Almost no topic is sacred, save what you like to eat. Even that, though, could be a problem. What if she's decided she's not into shrimp or pork because of what the Bible says?

I'm really sorry you're having trouble though. I was in the south for a while and it's hard to date even when you ARE Christian (which I was at the time). They're very dysfunctional, so be glad you were spared the headache; you would've wondered what you were thinking when SHE begins to wonder whether or not you guys should continue having sex before marriage. My brother's (now) wife would cry during sex because she felt so guilty! Annnd that's pretty much the reason they got married: they were doing "the right thing" according to God's law.

Yeah... count yourself lucky, sir. And... I hope you come across a fabulous atheist chick. They ARE out there.

ohmigourd, crying during sex and marrying over it...that's so f'ed up!  What a pair.  No offense, but that's a bit shocking.  I truly hope they have more going for them than guilt free sex to keep them together.

Ya my brother is an atheist as well and he is married to a mostly christian woman and they just dont talk about it. I dont get it. And Ive decided to move to Sweden...beautiful women and and 85% atheist/agnostic/non-believing population lol jk...Oh how awesome the south is...I just have to keep telling myself 3 more years till New York or France....3 more years lol
I'm having a hard time with my live in of nearly four years. He's from a very religious family , several born agains in the flock, and he flunctuates between respecting my beliefs(lack there of really) and being insanely pissed about it. People still don't realize Atheists are not devil worshipping, witchcrafting baby killers.
Yep, my husband decided he wasn't going to date either, until he got a shot at me. We are both gamers another group to look into for atheist types.

Even though we've been together 18 years, we still date sometimes.
"At that time, I was a gigantic pussy and unwilling to cop to atheism, so I was an agnostic."

Well, that's not offensive. I'm guessing that you believed in a "god" but didn't identify with a religion. True agnosticism is not this, nor is it being "wishy-washy" and sitting on the fence when it comes to the metaphysical, but really an active and constant delineation between what can be known and what can't. I'd say it takes quite a man (or a woman, for that matter) to pursue this path...
sorry about that dude check this crap out my town had the moving wall come to our town everyone in town went to see it ok we were walking out and I seen one of my daughters friends so I told her to go say hi she said that girl doesn't talk to her anymore because they found out I'm a freethinker for one they asked my daughter what a freethinker was LOL then they told her I was going to burn in hell -------
Yeah, my last couple of girlfriends were atheist. Furthermore, considering that I've had many girlfriends that were theist, so I do have an opinion on the matter....I never plan on dating a theist again. I'd rather be single than date someone who believes in god......beliefs like that will destroy a relationship when one side does not believe
Oh Yeah!! In every relationship that I have ever had, in varying degrees. It's hard to be true to yourself and fair to the other, but the option is much worse! One thing for sure, you are better off to walk away from those!!!
Had my xtian girlfriend in college cheat on me, but it was in church so it didn't count according to her. She was reason #37 why I came out as an atheist.


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