Hey all,

I run a blog called Bible Belt: Unbuckled. I had been maintaining it as a personal blog but decided recently that it would be more interesting and generate more content if I opened it up to other Bible Belt dwelling non-believers to act as contributors. 

There are a lot of talented, intelligent people in this community so I wanted to reach out and make the offer. If you're interested please email me or send me a message here on TA. Include a mini bio of your views/background and possibly some examples of your writing style. An interesting perspective on things would be awesome too.

This is a voluntary affiliation for the time being. At some point though, if we begin generating ad revenue or something like that, I will want to compensate bloggers for their submissions, but really need to start developing content first.

If you're not interested in contributing, please join the Bible Belt: Unbuckled community on Facebook! There is a promotion running right now for a chance to win a copy of Godless by Dan Barker. Pop on over and enter!



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G'Day Will,

Interesting blog possibilities from the non-theistic community to be sure and thnks for your efforts.  I do a lot of writing that's published in the local paper in this little religion-saturated north-central, Texas horse country town, the Wise County Messenger.  I write from a decidedly liberal, non-theistis sice and virtually everything I write in "Letter to the Editor" gets published, and I've been doing that since 2004 when the missus and I moved here to escape living in the middle of 7-million Floridians in Fort Lauderdale.  I have several non-religious friends here and was one of the founders of the Denton Area Atheist MeetUp group some 21-miles to our east, as well as participating in the Fort Worth Freethinkers and Metrople Atheist Group.

I don't as a rule participate much in the blogosphere but I'll give your blog a look and we'll see what develops.

For what it's worth you can learn about me on my Facebook page that I also don't spend much time doing maintenance.



I write a blog on WordPress called "Like An Infidel In Mecca" on living atheist in the Bible Belt.


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