Here's food for thought. I live in Alabama and love the weather in the
south. I DO NOT like the cold. However, sometimes I have pipe dreams
about leaving this backwards state (all of you know the many reasons for
getting away from the close-minded south). I would love to find a more
liberal, non-religious place to live but it seems all those places are
in cold climates. I'm thinking of Sweden, Denmark, etc. Does anyone know
of an atheist's paradise with tropical weather? Let me hear your

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I have to disagree. This year we did not receive our first freeze till about mid December, about two months latter than normal.

We have only had one snow event, that hardly left a memory, a few weeks ago. The rains have hardly let up though.

We hope that our jungle that streaches from the back of our garden and about 1.5 miles N-E-S, will green up towards spring and offer very nice blackberries again. The deer have been rather plentiful, and the local traveling cougar, has made a presence with three dead deer remains in a back meadow about 1/8 mile in.

We live about 25 miles North of Corvallis.

As the Norwegens say, "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing."

I lived in Portland, Oregon for decades, and only returned to Ohio for family reasons. While Portland isn't tropical, its winters tend to be relatively mild, ditto for the summers. I'd be back in Portland tomorrow if I could make it work.

The problem with the tropics is that it's night half the day, at least on the equator. If you don't like night THAT much, you probably want the subtropics.

Most of the places that would satisfy your requirements are subject to hurricanes and typhoons.

About the best Canada has to offer, climate-wise, is Vancouver, BC.  It rarely drops below freezing in the winter although the summer temps aren't that high either.  At least it's one part of Canada where you would never experience the super-sub-zero temps and meters of snow.  Weed is more of a religion in Vancouver than Christianity -> although watch out for the vegans; I've head that they've started knocking on doors.

Yeah, I can vouch for Vancouver. It's my home and i've lived in other cities (Miami and Toronto ) but have always made sure to find my way back. It is consistently found in the top 5 places to live in the world.

Here it is this year at #5:

True there are lots of vegans. I humor it tho. I mean, i'm not a vegetarian by any means but... its true that lifelong vegetarians never die of heart disease. It's not a bad way to live! Just not for me!

"Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, is an atheist."

Didn't know that.

Australia is pretty well-known for racism, though. No overly-tan folks allowed.

Loachapoka, Alabama is a hotbed of free thinkers.

LOL, Doug!

Forget Florida. Every December they shut down traffic and jesus literally drags a big wooden cross all over town. I'm usually the only one rooting for the Romans!

Forcing 'Jesus' to drag a wooden cross around seems rather barbaric. I think he should join the local OCCUPY group to do penence, surely there are a few banking operations that could be picketed...LOL


Maybe I'm naive, but I've visited California almost every year for the past 8 years, mostly the Silicon Valley area, but sometimes Southern California.

What strikes me as most appealing about California is that when they have a problem, they just go about trying to solve it.  None of that religious mumbo-jumbo.  Even the religious are progressive compared to what I'm used to in my home state of Texas.

My goal is to retire in California, ideally in or near San Jose.

I live in New Zealand and I HIGHLY recommend it (if you can get in). It's got nice weather (for me). I describe it as having 4 seasons but no winter. I've lived in Christchurch for 35 years. During that entire time it's snowed maybe 10 times. (It never snows in the North Island (except in the mountains). I would not recommend living some place where there are NO frosts.

Best of all, it's one of the most secular societies in the world. Helen Clark, the Prime Minister from 2001 to 2009 (now 3rd-ranked UN administrator) is an openly-declared atheist. How many other places have an atheist head of state. The idea is ridiculous in (almost?) every country.

FREE hospital care!! I don't HAVE health insurance (although some do - if they "need" a private room or elective surgery), but I've never spend one minute worrying about my health care.

I currently subsist SOLELY on on Superannuation (Social Security).

I think what you are looking for is called.... Miami. 


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