Here's food for thought. I live in Alabama and love the weather in the
south. I DO NOT like the cold. However, sometimes I have pipe dreams
about leaving this backwards state (all of you know the many reasons for
getting away from the close-minded south). I would love to find a more
liberal, non-religious place to live but it seems all those places are
in cold climates. I'm thinking of Sweden, Denmark, etc. Does anyone know
of an atheist's paradise with tropical weather? Let me hear your

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Tell me about Australia. Pretend you are a real estate agent trying to sell me on the place.
Nay Australia is pretty religious. They just permitted ID to be taught in schools. Think Japan or Southern France. Israel is amazingly 37% atheist. Singapore is 50% atheist and Hong Kong rates up there as well.
A land of sunshine, beaches and Spunky bronzed men. Very little polution, good housing, just about everyone can own a house. But the most important point is that Atheists can get a seat in Parliament and even become Prime Minister.

Only about 60% believe in a "god" and only 9% atttend Church regularly. 99.99% tell door ringing bible tumpers to piss off.
Here is a list of all the countries in the world with no military. Many are in the Pacific. Pick one, I'm sure we could find enough other atheists to go and take it over. Let us make it paradise eh presidente? :-)
I love the good old USA, I just get soooooo tired of the 'goddidit' attitude and the religious nuts trying to pretend that everyone does or should think as they do. Dustin, I have no desire to take on presidential duties! I'm retired and like the easy life!

I'm in Tennessee. The weather is beautiful and the rivers, lakes and mountains are perfect.  No place to escape the cults--not work, family or friends. They all have an imaginary friend. I'm a scientist looking for rational people.

Just figure that the tropical places may soon be impossible,  either too cold or overcome by devastating storms.  Whatever you do, stay away from coasts.  I moved from Manhattan to Asheville, NC, a more moderate climate.  The winters appear to be getting harsher (more incapacitating snowstorms ... rare, historically), and storms are frequent, though the nasty tornadoes are so far stopping at our mountains.  One of the City Councilpersons is an open "non-theist" and not everyone is Christian crazy.  Lots of pagans, new Agers, "spiritual but not religious" types in the city.  Away from the city, you get the usual Christian types, a Baptist church every other block or so.  Ho hum.

Hi Linda, Where are you now?  Maybe you have decided to make Alabama a progressive state? -Brian

Alabama has a LONG way to go before it could be called progressive! There are a few liberals here but we are far outnumbered by the recessives.

Does the whole thing have to unreligious?

Would you be happy to have a liberal town with lots of churchs, but a thriving intellectual community(OSU), with arts, music, theators, activism, microbrews, odd-fellows, a good library, used book stores, etc?

Would you mind being close to the ocean, forests, nature preserves, ethnic food restaurants, and seasonal art and science fairs?

Corvallis, Oregon. About 65000 people during the school year. I hour away from the coast, 45 mins away from forested winderness and rivers. Hiking/biking trails, football, Saturday farmers market....

My old home town!    

I am a southerner by birth and I imagine I would be unhappy in a climate that was as cold as Oregon. My desire is for a tropical paradise that is non-religious and liberal. Does such a place exist?


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