I live in a podunk town with a population of 499.
The outlying towns are generally not more than three or four times as big and they all seem to repeat the same people over and over. About 90% of them are bible-thumping close-minded hypocrites, this grates on my sanity daily. I have to listen to some of the most ignorant and ridiculous views here in the buckle of the bible belt. I can deal, I can just laugh in my head at them; their racism, their bigotry, it's funny. More of a laugh to keep from crying situation I suppose, but whatever works, right?
The part where I take issue is never being able to find a chick that differs from this massively hive minded community. Not one girl that's atheist or, to whom, religion doesn't matter. I'm not asking for much. Just a pretty chick who is funny and smart. Yet, I can't find even one. What's up with that? It makes me sad, not just for the fact that I'm stuck alone, but for the whole human race. That there are this many egotistical bigots in existence. Frankly, it sucks.

What are some of your "horror stories" of living in the bible belt?

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Hey guys. Just to let yall know I completely agree with what yall are saying. and as you can tell by my grammar I also live in Texas. While I am very proud to be a born and raised Texan, I am very embarrassed by our current state of ignorance and bigotry. I actually live in southern Ft. Worth so maybe if I get more information I will see yall at one of the Denton meetings. I also barely know anyone who thinks like we do, and Im always arguing with friends and family about why im going to hell or not. Lets all get together sometime.

Hey Frankie, there's a great group right in your backyard, FOFW, Freethinkers of Fort Worth and they are a very active and gret group with whom I've met and chatted a lot.  Also there a woman US Army veteran friend of mine and fellow atheist who lives just east of FW by 820, Susan Weber.  Send me an Email at connectedcowboy@msn.com and I'll pass it along to Susan.  She's also a Treckie and she goes to another group of free-thinkers and atheists near Dallas.  See, we're all over the place and steadily growing, even in deepest, darkest, reddest, Tea-stained Texas.  We need to grow together and you are certainly invited to the Denton Group any time, and it would be a pleasure and honor to introduce both of you to the group and my fellow Texas atheists.

Definitely Ken, Ill send you an email soon. Thanks for the info as well. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing various topics.

There are more Texas atheists than I thought. Sweet action. Not everyone here is retarded, just like..98% or something.

Where are ya' located mate?  I do not ever enter a church sanctuary for any reason and haven't for about 20-years, so i wouldn't have a clue as to how the women look.  In any case I'm far too old to even look at the tender vittles, but that's why the human mind is such a beautiful and handy thing; one can think about far more than one can get.  In any case what the hell would I have in common would a young woman to discuss????  that's the problem with youth, it's always wasted on the young. ;-)

It's only wasted on the young and ignorant, or blatantly stupid lol.

But yeah, Eric, I know how you feel. All these bitches be Christy up in here.
Seriously, it is a disheartening thing to see. I haven't been in a church for like three years and even then I was an atheist. It was honestly creepy. There was a screen behind the pastor and what he said was in white and what the audience was to say back was yellow. So it was the creepy cultish back-and-forth.
Pastor: "And we shall partake in His blood"

Sheeple: "His blood and His will"
Creepiest shit I've heard in a while, and everyone saying it in unison? Goosebumps.

I want a chick that is intelligent enough to understand all this and realize that religion is bunk. Not only intelligent in ignoring deistic beliefs but also just all around smart. And funny. Is that really too much to ask? Damn.

Shit, I knew it. Well evolution will start kicking them out at some point. Way I see it as people become more thought based and reasonable they'll find it unattractive for a mate to be idiotic, so humanity will adapt and become smarter lol.
Now we play the waiting game.

Seriously though, when I find a chick like that I won't even know how to react. I'll probably cry and throw up.

Well, if it's beautiful, intelligent atheist


you're looking for...

you're going to be waiting quite a while.



Haha well done.

And, yeah I know, but there's no way I'm settling for some moronic chick. As long as she's kinda pretty, smart, and at least open-minded I'd give it a shot. (Shallow I know) As long as I'm happy with her I don't give a fuck though, really.



I know a few really knock-out atheist women and really enjoy meeting and chatting with them, but, sadly or not, I'm not in the hunt any more;  I'm at the age where I'm still young enough to remember how, I'm just too old to remember why.  :-(

A life-long practicing, happy heterosexual who has finally had to accept life's inverse relationship between age and practice; the older one becomes, the less "practice" one gets. ;-)  Is it LOL or CMAO?


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