I live in a podunk town with a population of 499.
The outlying towns are generally not more than three or four times as big and they all seem to repeat the same people over and over. About 90% of them are bible-thumping close-minded hypocrites, this grates on my sanity daily. I have to listen to some of the most ignorant and ridiculous views here in the buckle of the bible belt. I can deal, I can just laugh in my head at them; their racism, their bigotry, it's funny. More of a laugh to keep from crying situation I suppose, but whatever works, right?
The part where I take issue is never being able to find a chick that differs from this massively hive minded community. Not one girl that's atheist or, to whom, religion doesn't matter. I'm not asking for much. Just a pretty chick who is funny and smart. Yet, I can't find even one. What's up with that? It makes me sad, not just for the fact that I'm stuck alone, but for the whole human race. That there are this many egotistical bigots in existence. Frankly, it sucks.

What are some of your "horror stories" of living in the bible belt?

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Jesse, don't know how to find an atheist/agnostic girl for sure, but the thing I do in dealing with people who are thumpers is to merely ask them questions.  People don't change (or think) if they are told something is true or wrong.  It is an afront to their ego.  But when you ask people questions then maybe they will start thinking about what really is the truth.  And when people start thinking that is when they begin to change.  And when people start to think and see that you also have "changed", maybe then you'll find someone that is willing to change and be more rational rather than like the lemmings that follow the leader over the cliff. 

When someone poses a stupid statement, ask them why, then ask why again.  And keep asking intelligent questions until they realize it ain't so just because their "Daddy" said it was so. 


Hah That does work in some cases, and I'd like to save as many lemmings as I could. A lot of the ones I deal with down here don't start to think though, they just.. yell about jesus.. aaaaaaaall the time.
But I'm moving soon, I've had enough of this town.

I live in Southeast MO... The Bootheel is a terrible, backwards place. Anyway, when I first moved here I started dating a Catholic. When you date a Catholic, at least in my experience, you date the entire family. I was warned not to tell any of his family members of my non-belief. I went to church with them to appease his family. (Catholic church is entirely awkward and creepy to me-- all the creepy "peace be with you" whisperings freak me out.)

Anyway, I just really could not handle it. This went on for an entire year before I pulled the plug. Dating a religious person is just way too annoying for me. Eventually, I found a philosophy club at my college, made a bunch of atheist friends (Who knew that the philosophy department is so full of atheists?), and now I have a fantastic boyfriend who shares my lack of belief.

My advice to you: Be open with your atheism from the start. If it's a no-go to begin with, you won't ever be able to change that. Dating is difficult even without being an atheist: being rational makes it even more difficult. Good luck.

Good on ya"  I live in north central Texas and religion permeates everything and for that reason about everything pisses me off as well.  For you advice of being open with ones atheism from the start, my personal calling card has my name across the top and immediately under that "Atheist" in Greek capital letters, ΑΘΕΟΣ and when someone looks inquisitively at the card I tell them right away what it is.  It's a good way to clear the air and no "believer" hits on me after that.



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