So... this discussion is completely optional... of course....
But what is your "Official Diagnosis" [if you have one... cause some of us are so weird we confuse the doctors... lol]

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I have either Aspergers or Pervasive Developmental Disorder or maybe a combination of the two... my psychiatrist keeps changing her mind. lol
That's wierd. [that you had a long time gap between speaking words and speaking sentences], I also started speaking late, but I once I start speaking, my parents said within 2 or 3 weeks I was speaking in complete sentences. Since then, they've had difficulty getting me to stop talking lol. And I didn't learn pottie training completely until 3 years old. [It drove my mother out of her skull] I have this distinct memory of her standing in the bathroom with me and yelling at me, but I didn't understand much of what she was saying. I also have had trouble with "socialness." My first REAL friend was Tange, who is still my BFF today, and I met her in 7th grade. I had a what I thought was a best friend in kindergarten thru 6th grade. But she never really was a good friend. We never had that "connection" and she never really accepted my bizarreness.

BTW... Rachel. I will be your friend. ^_^
Asperger's Syndrome. I didn't have 'speech delay' but I had a very socially awkward way as a child, never spoke often (like . . . I spoke a little late, not until after I was two, but my not speaking wasn't because I couldn't-- I just never had an interest until I developed specified interests as an older kid and couldn't shut up about them). I didn't like to play with or hang out with kids or participate in class, but I always blew through tests like they were nothing and spent all day reading books, even at nine years old, like Crime and Punishment and Plato's Dialogues that I would discuss with my dad to the best of my ability. I also read half of the Kama Sutra when I was eleven, but lost interest because of the very domineering tonality toward women I didn't like. Haha.

Hey Skycomet.  I have not been diagnosed but I am 95% convinced that I have Aspergers.  I am working on getting an assessment but I am beginning to come out about the challenges that I faced and pretty much identifying as an Aspie.  I am also beginning to blog about the challenges I faced and how they influenced me in my deconversion.


So glad I found this group.  Cheers :D


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