Okay, I couldn't resist. I don't have a southern accent despite how hard they try to corrupt you, especially relatives. I live in Douglasville--most who haven't heard of it imagine some hick town in the middle of nowhere, but that isn't the case. It is about 30 minutes out of Atlanta and is comprised of those who commute to Atlanta. We are by no means small. You couldn't roll into town and say, "So where does Heather live...?" I'm sorry but there are 20,000 + people living here. xD

So, in case I stray more...where in Georgia do you live and what is it like?

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Alpharetta, which is fast becoming a suburb of Atlanta. It's nice to see fellow nonbelievers in Georgia.
I live in a small town outside of Columbus. It is not atheist-friendly at all, but, unfortunately, neither is most of Georgia.
Clarkston, which is between Decatur and Stone Mountain. Plenty of churches in the area, complete with occasional door-to-door proselytizers. They've been pretty good at taking the 'I don't believe' hint, though.
I live in Loganville and work just inside the perimeter around the Chamblee area. Loganville is about 22 miles from midtown... but takes me over an hour to get there.
I live in Macon, about an hour south of Atlanta off I-75. I lived there for the first 18 years of my life trapped in a southern baptist family. I joined the Marines and got the fuck outta there. 8 years later I am back with a wife and 1 year old. Its soooo wierd living back down here and seeing all the religious ways and how the people cling to them so stubbornly. I've been back for a year and have kept my mouth shut about alot of the problems around here that people think god will fix, and their prayers will fix. I'm getting back to the point where I dont want to live here anymore.....
Lawrenceville for the past 5 years... originally from Charleston, SC
Born at Grady in Atlanta (Grady Baby) but have lived in California but am back now. I live in Mableton, close to downtown and the Vinings area in Cobb.
I am in Canton. NW of Atlanta. I lived in Roswell for awhile, and then moved to Knoxville, TN. Was born at the Baby Factory (Northside Hospital). I lived out in Oregon for about 10 years, which was an amazing experience. I will say though, I never realized how religious this area was until I was away for so long. Literally, the 1st 2 questions anyone asks you are "Where do your kids go to school?" and "Where do you go to church?"
I live in Griffin now (about 40 mins south of Atl), grew up in Mcdonough (about 20 mins south of Atl). Griffin is a good mix of city and country, it has enough to keep one entertained. I only know one other atheist here but since you cannot tell just by looking at someone that they are atheist, I may know a few more( but I'm not holding my breath). lol
My wife & I (both atheists) are in Smyrna, just barely OTP.
I live in Norcross. It's like the multicultural capital of Georgia.  I consider it an Atlanta suburb.

Anybody going to Dragon Con in downtown Atlanta next week? I am. I'm looking very forward.


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