Ill start off with me ill just start off with mine , peace

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7ashish da ya basha?


mota2akedin en 3andoko 16 sana?

You guys remind me of my teenage years.. :D

Me too, Mohamed - amazing how the words, "Young" and "Foolish" seem to go hand in hand - I know I was both! The young believe that tomorrow never comes and that no matter what risks they take, they can never die. Too often, reality comes like a slap in the face.

Yup, its a kinda necessity for this age though gives great life experiences and wonderful memories i am sure you can relate :)

I can remember, at 17, floating down a river at flood-stage in a rubber innertube, while people in motorboats cruised around looking for my body, if that's what you mean. I'm no stranger to good times!

This was end of last month 

Almost out right now... but this was probably a couple months of fun :D



Celebratory bong time!!!!

why are you so happy , they all are puppets anyway


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