Big Pictures of Small Ones

There's that bad boy persona/attraction; he's just being himself, embedded in a ginormous crystal with flaws and visible but blurry histories.

Mindfulness and mindfullness compete for enlightenment and spacetime.

Liberty versus liberty, versus unity and harmony;
awesomely fragrant puffs of colorful interference patterns versus chaotic, benign or corrosive primordial soupage.

Neighboring war dances; intimate sex; child and/or slave auctions; disruptive pandemics; asteroids and supervolcanoes.

Beethoven's passions rule players, and engage or overwhelm bystanders who can hear, while photosynthesis and chemiosmosis celebrate unrecorded epics of productivity and effective praying for sunny days and precipitation.

Heliocentric plasmas, gases, slurries, planets and comets spewing H2O, or not spewing but gathering; long before dark matter is a zygote attaching to walls of eclectic consciousness.

Origins of strings; ontology of presuppositions; random mutations rarely inherited; hunger; feast; mRNA and viral memes, with direction and purpose.

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hrm, *epochs.

It was an accident. I might think of a word that means both, or something else, because I don't like it sitting there looking innocently like a cliche'd typo.

Thank you!

certain words have to be just so

(Haha, "Just Sew!")


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